"To them we’re just blood bags"

A made for TV movie for the SYFY channel this “B” movie was not too bad for the most part. Directed by Don E. FauntLeRoy, (which is strangely Donald Duck’s middle name), this movie features blood sucking sea monsters and twins. The twins are a boy and girl who, with their father, are treasure divers looking for gold in the bearing sea.

They manage to awaken these monsters from the deep that kill one guy and follows the rest of them home like a puppy. Meanwhile their claim on the area they want to dredge is over bid by their nemesis. Knowing they only have a week to get what they can before the owners take over the claim they head back out into the sea.

One of the “sea vampires” attacks and kills the dad impregnating him. A few hours later he “gives birth” through his chest. Yeah just like “Alien”. Anyway these slimy sea vampires look like shiny crinkly stealth bombers with a mouth full of fangs and a tail. Did I mention they can fly? And when they’re engorged they pop like balloons? Enter a marine biologist who is now charged with trying to figure out what theses things are and how to combat them.

We’re talking sea vampires so of course there’s a lot of camp. The monsters are kinda cool looking flying around like large wet vampire bats. Since they mostly show up at night it’s not that easy to see all the action. But there is quite a lot of action. I liked it, but I’ve always been a sucker for a flying sea monster.