Dogfight Dinosaur

It’s 1945 and the last part of World War II in the Pacific Islands. A female pilot Maxine 'Max' West (Jamie Elle Mann), and her crew of all female soldiers, (WASPS, Womens Airforce Service Pilots), are assigned to bring some American soldiers led by Colonel Jack Toller (Brian Krause) and a classified cargo to an airbase in the Pacific.

On the way they are hit by something in the air and make an emergency landing on an Atol. On the Atol they find enemy soldiers led by Captain Ozu of the Imperial Japanese Air Force. The island is also home to dozens of prehistoric pterodons.

Now their mission is to get off the island alive.

"Warbirds" was released in 2008 and was directed by Kevin Gendreau. I enjoyed this movie. It was different than the usually monster movie. First of all, most of the heroes are women. And they’re pilots. Lots of testosterone. Even with the women. The dinosaurs are flying pterodons so most of the people on monster action happens in the sky. It’s a dogfight with dinosaurs! What a cool concept.

For a SYFY channel “B” movie it was quite good. The pterodons were not bad. There was lots of action. The story was interesting as were the characters. And there was patriotic music to move it along.

Don’t let the nay sayers drive you away. It’s just plain fun. I’ve been watching SYFY channel movies for a while now. I know what I’m in for when I watch them. You should too. Don’t be expecting a big budget Spielberg thing. Just sit back and enjoy the crazy. It’ll do ya good.