Part post apocalyptic movie part monster movie part zombie movie.

Four electricians Dean (Richard Grieco), Ray (Richard Yearwood), Sheldon (Jeff Douglas) and Junior (Jason Jones), are working in a condemned building. They are charged with shutting down the power before it is torn down. While inspecting the building they find a difference between the floor plans and the actual building.

The guys stumble onto a secret laboratory and a small nuclear reactor. Also in the lab is a strange looking machine. Also in the lab is a journal left by scientists. They accidently trigger the machine. It generates a portal to another dimension. The are accidentally transported to another world.

When the portal was originally opened 30 years ago by the scientist who invented it, Dr. Richard Moreli (Colin Fox), a malevolent force was also allowed in to the alternate universe from a separate universe. It took over the other dimension creating a world infested by a giant queen spider. If you are a woman you are food. If you are a man she either kills you or turns you into a zombie-like soldier with claw hands and fangs.

Now she wants the portal to transport her evil to our world.

"Webs" was released in 2003 and was directed by David Wu. This is a SYFY channel “B” movie but you would never know it. Everything about it is well done from acting to script to action. The monster is the queen spider but she is only seen a few times and for a short period. It doesn’t seem to matter since everything else was on point and you still had those zombie spider-soldiers. The plot, although basic, was executed wonderfully. And an ending you will not see coming.

If you love any of the above genres you may want to check out this movie. I’m not one for either post apocalyptic or zombie movies. I am all about the monster and even though it was sparse on monster I really enjoyed it. Granted the movie got mixed to negative reviews. I honestly believe that there are critics that will trash anything produced by SYFY channel no matter what. Some compared it to "Sliders". I liked "Sliders".