In the little town of Woodhaven lives Lou Garou (Leo Fafard). Lou is a police deputy and an alcoholic. Most of the time he is either drunk or getting drunk. One night the police chief, (Aidan Devine), sends him to investigate a complaint by Willie Higgins (Jonathan Cherry). At first Lou dismisses Willie’s rantings about devil worshipers and occult activity behind his store. When Willie complains again Lou wanders around the woods and finds Terry Wallace (Ryland Alexander), a local who is running for Mayor and looking to clean up the bad element in town. Terry is hanging upside down from a tree. He has claw marks on him.

The next thing Lou knows the alarm clock is going off and it is morning. Lou has no memory of how he got there but he finds a pentagram carved on his chest. While Terry’s death is being investigated Lou experiences flashes of memory from the night before. Strange visions that make no sense. His senses are also becoming sharper. He can smell and hear things he couldn’t before.

That night, at the bar, he becomes ill and rushes to the bathroom. At the same time three men from a local gang sneak into the bar to attack him. Lou bursts out of his skin turning into a werewolf and begins killing the attackers. One gets away. The next morning he wakes up handcuffed to Willie’s bed. Willie tells him he shot him with tranquilizer darts, captured him and cuffed him to the bed for his own safety.

Lou starts researching werewolves to try to understand what is going on. Willie convinces Lou that he needs to be locked in a cell at night. At ten PM Lou transforms and Willie tapes it.

At the same time Lou is having personality problems there is also a rash of robberies going on. The robbers wear pig masks and are armed. Lou and the other deputy, Tina (Amy Matysio), are investigating the robberies. While Lou is a werewolf the phone at the police department rings. Lou breaks the cell door and answers the phone. A robbery is in progress. He puts on a police uniform and heads to the scene of the disturbance, the local “Liquor Donuts” store. Lou, now a full-fledged werewolf in a cop uniform, stops the robbery, killing most of the robbers.

Lou pulls the door off the police cruiser while trying to get into it. Next door to the “Liquor and Donuts” is a body shop. Lou tricks out the police car turning it into a souped-up werewolf car and heads out with Willie as co-pilot. He smells out a meth lab. Carnage ensues. It’s a little more than Willie bargained for. He stays in the car.

Little does Lou know that a bunch of shapeshifters are responsible for turning him into a werewolf. They plan on killing him during an upcoming solar eclipse. The shapeshifters need to perform their ceremony every thirty-two years. For the ceremony, they need to kill a werewolf and drink his blood. They use wolf blood to keep themselves immortal. They chose Lou because they figured he was a looser and easy to manipulate. What they don’t know if that the alcohol Lou constantly drinks does something different to his werewolf persona.

“Wolfcop” was released in 2014 and was directed by Lowell Dean. It is a strange little comedy/horror type film made in Canada. The transformation scene is really strange and gross. He basically bursts out of his human skin leaving big hunks of slimy flesh and blood everywhere. The humor is sometimes subtle and sometimes juvenile. The special effects were good, especially for the werewolf. The shapeshifters effects were OK but nothing special.

A sequel was done in 2017 called “Another Wolfcop”. The film I saw had about eight or nine minutes missing. I imagine a lot of what was cut was the wolf on woman sex. Lou’s name, Lou Garou, is a take on Loup-Garou which means werewolf in French. Although a werewolf is a sort of shapeshifter it’s different from the shapeshifters in the movie. These shapeshifters can change into anything they want, any time they want. Lou only has one alter ego, werewolf, and only during a full moon.

I ran across this movie while looking for something else. Right from the beginning I got pulled in. The movie was fascinating and fast paced. The action was all over the place. I had never heard of it before so I didn’t have any expectations. I found it clever and gross at the same time. It was fun to watch, just don’t watch it while you’re eating.