Laura Le Crois (Elena Lyons) is divorced. She has returned home after being away for 20 years. Her father has gone missing from his wetland home in the Louisiana bayou. He is not the only one to have gone missing. A lot of people have disappeared. Laura takes over her father's wetland tour business until she can find out what is going on. She finds out that her ex-husband Charles LeBlanc (Mark Sheppard) is looking for her father. He wants to buy the wetland. Charles is a zoologist. Why would he want her father's land? Having been married to him, she doesn't trust him. She runs him off.

Not taking no for an answer Charles has her kidnapped by a couple slimy inbred minions. Laura finds out that her father was killed and Charles plans on forcing her to sign over the wetlands to her. Charles is a scientist who has genetically created a Plesiosaur and set it loose in the back waters of the swamp. He needs the wetlands to house his Plesiosaur. He plans on using the wetlands as a nursery.

"Xtinction Predator X" was released in 2010 and was directed by Amir Valinia. This SYFY channel movie has many aliases. It was also titled “Alligator X” and “Jurassic Predator”. Many people confused it with another movie called “Jurassic Predator” which was a British made film.

Genetically created monsters are number one on our “How to create a monster” list. The creature has eaten a couple deputies and a few local folks. Not much of a plot but it’ll have to do.

The sound quality is a little fuzzy even for a “B” movie. The acting not exactly quality material either, although Mark Shepard is decent as his usual bad guy. The dialogue meh. As for the monster, it was quite good. I would have liked to have seen more monster, after all it is suppose to be the star, but what I did see was done well. The basic ending of the movie seemed out of sync. At least the part where the action ended. I won’t give it away but it came out of left field (so to speak) and I thought the movie would have been better without this little twist they tried to sneak in there.

Even though I got my monster fix, what little there was, my favorite part was the opening credits which had some great scenes of the Louisiana Bayou.

For parents there is an implied rape.