This ain’t no octopus

Jamie Kennedy, Linda Hamilton. What more could you ask for? How about Air Force One exploding during an electrical storm. How about the president of the United States in an escape pod in the depths of the Bermuda Triangle. How about alien tentacles attacking Navy warships. How about a team of ace misfits sent to retrieve him. How about an ancient underwater city built by aliens. How about when they think they are safe the big mama alien comes after THEM.

Up ‘til then the president was a stone that everyone had to save. Who turns into GI Joe and comes up with the hail mary to get them back to the surface? Thank you Mr. President! Once back on the ship the aliens start an all out attack. How to defend the world? What happens next?

Stuff like this is what makes “B” movies so much fun. No matter how inaccurate or implausible the story, it’s still a gas to watch. Lots of action, explosions and mayhem, decent music and the special effects were not that bad. I’ve seen a lot worse. Believe me.

The “B” movie is alive and well on TV. Channels like SyFy have adopted the “B” movie and made it their own. Don’t take the movie or yourself too seriously. And don’t take the critics too seriously either. Have a good time. Hopefully you’ll just have some mindless entertainment. I liked it for what it is. Dumb “B” movie fun. After all it's not great, it's the SyFY channel.