“What if I told you the Garden of Eden was not a myth?”

The Eden Wildlife Zoo is a refuge for endangered species of animals. Today is orientation day for the zoos new interns. College students who are applying for jobs are touring the zoo.

In the meantime, some of the monkeys have contracted an unknown virus. One of the monkeys suffers cardiac arrest. The zoo’s vet gives one of them intracardiac epinephrine. The drug is not allowed for primates. The reaction it has with the virus turns the primate into a zombie. The virus spreads to all the monkeys in the room turning them into zombies. They attack the vets. One of them manages to activate the alarm.

The alarm reaches the zoo's security area. A team is sent to find out what is happening. They are attacked and several of the infected monkeys escape. The only team members that manage to survive are Rex (Marcus Anderson), Lizzy (Ione Butler) and Gage (Andrew Asper). Dr. Ellen Rogers (Kim Nielsen), the manager of the zoo, gets word of the devastation. She immediately locks down the zoo.

With the monkeys on the loose, the disease spreads throughout the zoo. They rescue Amber (Brianna Chomer), who was being attacked by infected giraffes. In a panic she steals the security jeep and leaves her rescuers in the lurch. Lizzy, Gage and Rex are forced to use a group of non-infected elephants as transportation.

A police team arrives and is killed by infected lions. When Ellen’s daughter Thea (Lala Nestor) is attacked by a Koala she kills it with a baseball bat. Ellen inspects the Koala’s blood. She finds that a disease was created by an unknown enzyme found in the koala's cerebral cortex. Whatever this is, it’s affecting every animal in the zoo.

“Zoombies” was released in 2016 and was directed by Glenn R. Miller. It’s an Asylum Picture so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I found it to be a wild ride and so much more. It was action packed and over the top. The special effects went from decent to really good. The whole thing was just a blast.

Keep in mind this is The Asylum so there isn’t going to be state of the art anything. Plus the little girl manages to do things that adults can’t. Kill something. Yes, the characters are your basic horror movie victim types. And the plot was basically, everything’s a zombie that wants to kill humans. It was still fun. I certainly didn’t expect anything more than that. The main fun is seeing what zombie anything other than people looks like. I knew that zombie monkeys were going to look freaky but, a zombie giraffe? How about a zombie koala? Suffice it to say, everything looks nasty when it has fangs and glowing, bulging eyeballs and wants to rip your face off.

If you like mindless mayhem and lots of blood and gore, it’s a well spent 87 minutes.