I too have seen monsters.

“Did you ever walk down a dark street alone at night, maybe to get to your car, and suddenly you feel that cold chill running down your spine as if something’s watching you?” ….. “I too have seen monsters”.

I’m not a huge Bigfoot fan, but this movie was well done. It started a little slow for my taste, however, as the movie went on the intensity increased. The characters and writing were well defined. The acting was great. The monster was also exceptional. As far as low budget movies go, this one is at the top of its game. Once it got going it kept my interest to the end. And what an ending it was…

The movie concerns a former Army Ranger named Tyler Laird (Kevin Makely) who is on a camping trip with his girlfriend Natalie (Summer Spiro). Then she goes missing. Taken by a Bigfoot. A year later he leaves a psychiatric hospital and returns to the woods to find out exactly what happened to her. He teams up with a poacher (Eli Verunde) that is also on the hunt for the monster.

“Big Legend” was released in 2018 and was directed by Justin Lee. To some it may appear to be just another guys running around in the woods after shadows movie. I couldn’t disagree more. Granted I’m not an expert in Bigfoot movies but this movie had a scare factor to it that you could feel. I attribute a lot of it to the acting. Plus, consider the fact that Bigfoot is also hunting. He’s hunting for food. As for what happened to Natalie, well, he ate her. Tyler is hunting a wild animal, but a wild animal with the intelligence that can match a human’s.