There is a man who has unlocked every door, except the one to his own soul.

Insane former Army major Paul Krenner (James Griffith) wants to rule the world. He plans to take over the world by creating an army of invisible soldiers using a devise invented by Dr. Peter Ulof (Ivan Triesault). In order to keep Dr. Ulof in line Krenner imprisons Ulof’s daughter Maria (Cormel Daniel). In order to perfect his machine Dr. Ulof needs certain materials that normally he can’t get. The nuclear materials required are kept under strict lock and key at a government facility. What Krenner plans to do is arrange a prison break for a notorious safe cracker, Joey Faust (Douglas Kennedy) and have him steal the material for him. In order for Faust to do the job he will need to be invisible.

Faust is not happy taking orders from Krenner. Krenner threatens to send him back to prison. Faust says he will sing like a bird if he does. Krenner threatens Faust that he is wanted dead or alive. Faust relents. At least for the time being. Of course, there being no honor among thieves Faust woos Krenner’s girlfriend Laura Matson (Marguerite Chapman) and talks her into a double cross. Not hard to do since Krenner is not nice to anyone.

The process to become invisible is not without its side effects. Especially on a machine that has not been perfected. When Faust starts blinking in and out like a caution light it’s tough to rob a bank without anyone noticing. Now that they know who is doing the robbing and you don’t know when you’re going to be visible, it’s a little hard to hide. There have been lots of invisible man movies. Usually, they are the good guy unless the process of becoming invisible drives you insane. This time the man who wields the power to make someone invisible is the insane one and the invisible one is just a crook. Also, the doctor who invents the machine is not a mad doctor, but a frightened father worried about his daughter.

"The Amazing Transparent Man" was released in 1960 and was directed by Edgar G. Ulmer. It is an American science fiction movie.

The running time of the movie is only 58 minutes max. Not enough to develop any of the characters fully. Not enough time for much of anything. Having Faust as both hero and antihero should have had a little more time to simmer. Especially since he is the one that is invisible. How can he be altruistic if his motivation is money? But what is there is decent. The special effects are standard. Maybe even above standard. What I did wonder is how his clothes got invisible too? The movie in general is OK. Entertaining even. There certainly wasn’t enough time to get bored.

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