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NEW STUFF: 12/05/21 Joe has finished his alien trilogy. In Joe's Corner you will find Aliens: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

NEW STUFF: 11/10/21 We have another new category on the scream. Anthologies, etcetera will house anthologies, omnibuses, portmanteaus and perhaps a few hyperlink cinema films and anything that I think may be appropriate. Again there are a few acceptations. Any silent anthologies will remain in silents. Also, Roger Corman's "Tales of Terror" will remain in the Roger Corman category.

NEW STUFF: 11/07/21 For all you Cosmic Cat fans I have uploaded episode 4 "Catwalk". Bill is currently working on his episode titled "Cat Noir". I am waiting anxiously for it.

NEW STUFF: 11/02/21 New in Joe's corner- Aliens: The bad. 24 of your favorite nasty alien movies, some even with movies.

NEW STUFF: 10/27/21 We've added a new category to the silver scream. Krimi will now house any of the German films in the krimi subgenre so you can quickly find them.

NEW STUFF: 10/18/21 Check out "The Mystery Video 3". There is an awesome video on some moving art.

NEW STUFF: 09/30/21 Joe's Corner is starting a three-part series on aliens. Available now are reviews and trailers for the good aliens. Joe is working on the bad and the ugly.

NEW STUFF: 09/11/21 The silver scream now has a few more categories of movies. Since the "reviews" section and the "thrill me" sections were getting large I decided to separate out a few more genres. The new categories are "noir" "giallo" and "Jungleland" There are some movies that were questionable as to where they actually belonged. I used my best judgement, and some advise from others in determining what movies go in the new categories. For example, "Jungleland" would also encompass jungle island movies but not jungles on other planets. If a movie has already been assigned to a different category for a specific reason, the movie remained in that category. For example, there are some silent Tarzan movies that are in "silents please" and some serials that could be in other categories. They will remain in their original place. Likewise, all Roger Corman movies and all Hammer movies remain where they were.

NEW STUFF:09/08/21 New in Joe's Corner. Reviews and trailers for the Terminator movies and the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

NEW STUFF: 08/25/21 New in Joe's Corner. Reviews and movies for the science fiction and fantasy movies by visual effects creator Ray Harryhausen.

NEW STUFF: 08/06/21 Joe's Corner has just been updated with reviews and trailers for films based on characters from DC and Dark Horse comics.

NEW STUFF: 07/27/21 New in Joe's Corner, reviews and trailers for the Harry Potter movies.

NEW STUFF: 07/09/21 New in Joe's Corner under the Dr. Who section you will find reviews and clips for Torchwood. Joe has hinted that his next set of reviews should be interesting to Muggles everywhere.

NEW STUFF: 07/02/21 In "The Cat's Meow" you'll find a section called Videos for Cats. These are not cat videos but videos for your cat to enjoy. Also, you'll find a few movies that you can enjoy with your cat.

NEW STUFF: 06/27/21 Finally Joe's Corner has been updated with reviews and trailers for the 12th doctor in the Doctor Who series. The series is complete until Jodie Whittaker completes her run as the 13th doctor. With Dr. Who and Babylon done, who knows what Joe will be working on next.

NEW STUFF: 06/08/21 Joe's Corner has now been updated with reviews and trailers for Babylon 5 season 5 and the Babylon movies.

NEW STUFF: 05/18/21 Reviews and trailers for Babylon 5 season 4 are now up in Joe's Corner.

NEW STUFF: 05/17/21 We are basically up and running again. There are a few tweaks left to do but just about all of the reviews, trailers and movies are where they should be. We will soon begin uploading some new reviews. In the meantime, there are a few things in the "cool stuff" category to whet your appetite. Enjoy the sounds of Earth and beyond in "Sounds creepy", "Down to Earth sounds", "Out of this world in sight and sound" and "The talking heavens".

NEW STUFF: 05/06/21 We ran into a big snag with the website upgrade. Our host, Godaddy, sold us an upgrade so we would have our own database but then told us we couldn't use it for movies. What? We had already spent lots of time and money to upload everything. Godaddy told us that if we wanted to upload movies we would have to upgrade to their most expensive platform. We called another vendor. After a couple coughs and wheezes we transferred our domain. We are now feverishly updating the new platform with all our reviews and movies. It is a little time consuming, so your patience is appreciated. Once everything is transferred and updated things should run smoother. It should also be easier for us to maintain. We are still open for business but there may still be a few unpacked cardboard boxes hanging around. We promise to open and sort out all of them.

NEW STUFF: 04/09/21 Joe's Corner now has reviews and trailers for Matt Smith, the 11th Dr. Who. We are also creating a database that will house some of the movies and trailers from the Internet Archives and hopefully from my own library. We've experienced a lot of problems with movies and trailers suddenly disappearing without notice so hopefully this will stop a lot of that. Youtube movies and trailers can't be downloaded so they are still subject to the movie god's magic wand. The process of uploading the movies to the website is time consuming so it may take a while before everything I have is uploaded.

NEW STUFF: 02/09/21 Joe's Corner has been updated with reviews and trailers for Babylon 5 season 3.

NEW STUFF: 01/29/21 Thad Cockrell's single Swingin' has been added to The Mystery Video 2.

NEW STUFF: 01/14/21 Joe's Corner has been updated with reviews and trailers for the 10th doctor, David Tennant. I also found some movies for some of the Marvel and X-men films. They'll be there until they suddenly disappear.

NEW STUFF: 11/30/20 Joe's Corner has just been updated with reviews and trailers for Babylon 5 season 2. Also, the Silver Scream has added a links page.

NEW STUFF: 11/18/20 We have a new review category on The Scream called "Sword and Sandal". If you are a fan of those crappy Italian peplum films or those biblical epics from the Greco-Roman period than you'll find reviews for them in their very own section.

NEW STUFF: 11/11/20 Joe's Corner has been updated with reviews and trailers for Dr. Who's 9th doctor Christopher Eccleston.

NEW STUFF: 11/01/20 Babylon 5 fans take note. Joe will be doing reviews on all five seasons of Babylon 5. Season 1 (Signs and Portents) has been updated to Joe's Corner. He will be working on Season 2 after he completes the 9th Doctor of the Dr. Who series.

FOR YOUR READING PLEASURE: If you are interested in reading more of Joe's stuff you can go to to read any of his stories and poems. You can also access it through our "links" page.

NEW STUFF: 10/12/20 Joe's Corner has just been updated with reviews and trailers for the 7th and 8th doctor.

NEW STUFF: 10/06/20 There is a new category that has just been added to the site. Affectionately called "Mexican Churros" it is where you will find all those fun and funky Mexican horror, science fiction and lucha libre reviews and films.

NEW STUFF: 9/30/20 If you are a Firefly fan rejoice. Joe has done reviews on each episode as well as the Serenity movie. Television episodes don't usually have trailers but there are some treats out there for you.

NEW STUFF: 8/27/20 Joe's Corner has just been updated with reviews and trailers for the Star Trek movies. On the scream are a bunch of reviews and movies for some interesting film noir. Also added to Mystery Video 2 is Space Oddity: The first music video from space.

UPDATE: 8/11/20 The bug is dead. Everything should be available now.

UPDATE: 8/11/20 I got an e-mail from the Archive. There is a bug in the machine. They are trying to find it and squash it.

NEW STUFF: 8/11/20 Currently the Archive is experiencing some problems showing movies (at least on desktops). If you are trying to watch a movie that I have downloaded from the Archive there is no play button showing. If you click on the movie it will re-direct you to the Archive itself. On the right hand side you will see a list of download options. You can try to click on a different option but your movie may show up much smaller than expected. If one of the options is MPEG 4 the movie should be a decent size. Then you will have to back track to get back to the Silver Scream. Sorry for the inconvenience but I have no control over the Archive or what they show.

NEW STUFF: 8/07/20 The doctor is in. Reviews for the 5th doctor, (Peter Davison), are now available in Joe's Corner.

NEW STUFF: 7/13/20 If you want to go to a galaxy far far away but still be safe at home, The "Star Wars" Saga reviews are now available in Joe's Corner.

NEW STUFF: 6/27/20 Old movie stars dance to "Uptown Funk" curtesy of "Nerd Fest UK" now in "The Mystery Video".

NEW STUFF: 6/26/20 I've added a new category to the site called "thrill me". Deciding which films belong in this section is a little challenging. For the most part it will contain mysteries, noir, crime and many thrillers, espionage and suspense. There are some movies that cross genres. The trick will be trying to determine if it is more of a thriller or more of some other genre such as horror. I'll do the best I can to identify the movies that belong in this category.

NEW STUFF: 6/15/20 The 4th is now with us. In Joe's Corner you will find reviews on all the stories for the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker). Also added to "The Mystery Video" in The Silverscream is "Late Night Story". A compilation of five short horror stories narrated by Tom Baker. "Nursery Tea" by Mary Danby, "Sredni Vashtar" by Saki, "The Emissary" by Ray Bradbury, "The End of the Party" by Graham Greene and "The Photograph" by Nigel Kneale.

NEW STUFF: 5/30/20 Occasionally I'll run across a short video that might be interesting to some but doesn't fall into any category. I set up a spot in "lists, essays and cool stuff" called "The mystery video" to give these guys a home. There are two there if you are a Dr. Who fan and one for Tom and Jerry fans. I will add more should I find something interesting.

NEW STUFF: 5/15/20 Joe's Corner has gone on an unexpected journey to Middle Earth, Narnia and back again. Check out his reviews on The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia.

NEW STUFF: 5/12/20 We've added a new tab to the site. It is Roger Corman Movies. It it will be any movies the Roger Produced and/or directed. We've moved all the films we could identify that have already had reviews done on them to this tab. Any new reviews that apply to Roger will be put into this tab as well.

NEW STUFF: 4/07/20 Since everyone is "safe at home" for the near future I'm sure many are going a little bonkers. To relieve some of the tedium I have uploaded some MST3K versions of some really bad movies. Hopefully there may be something there that you might find amusing. So you don't have to scour the site to find them the reviews that also have the MST3K versions are: "Space Mutiny", "Santa Claus vs The Devil", "Monster a Go Go", "The Giant Spider Invasion", "Eegah", "Santa Claus Conquers The Martians", "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed Up Zombies", "The Robot vs The Aztec Mummy", "The Human Duplicators", "King Dinosaur", "Fire Maidens of Outer Space", "The Indestructible Man", and "The Creeping Terror". Enjoy.

NEW STUFF: 4/06/20 Joe's Corner is now updated with reviews for the 3rd Doctor! The episodes are also on the site for viewing. There are also 20 new reviews on the Silverscream site. They are a menagerie of bad or weird movies from the 30's through 2015.

NEW STUFF: 2/19/20 Since it is currently not being used for anything, the log-in feature on "the silver scream" has been disconnected. You can still go anywhere on the site and read or watch anything offered. If you have questions on anything, go to the "contact" tab on the top menu and send us an e-mail.

NEW STUFF: 2/6/20 Joe's Corner has just added Reviews for the Avengers movies. Check it out. Silverscream has added a new review tab call "Silents Please". Reviews for silent films will be added to this tab. Currently there are approx. 20 movies and reviews updated.

The Silver Scream has only been in existence since 9/30/19. We are still in the process of setting up features and enhancements. There have been a few fits and starts at the beginning, but we are starting to get the hang of it. Still there are a few things that need to be noted.

Currently some of our trailers and videos come from youtube. There have been some issues lately with some channels disappearing for whatever reason. It appears there are some people out there that cannot play nice. When that happens any movies or trailers we downloaded from that channel disappear. If you find a review or trailer where this has happened, please let me know and we will see if we can find it from another youtube channel.

It appears that youtube has made a bunch of newer movies available to view free. A lot of them are SYFY channel movies. I've tried to identify the ones that I've done reviews on and have put them up for you to view should you wish to. I don't know if they will permanently be available or not but while they are there they might as well be enjoyed. Of course, there is a small price to pay for these movies in the form of ads. Unfortunately, the internet is steeped in them and youtube is no different. These are not our ads they are youtube's.

The Silver Scream doesn't have ads of its own and does not endorse any particular products. I hate pop-up ads and I hate trying to read something with ads in the way. Because of that, I pay for the site. Currently we don't even accept donations. Who knows if somewhere down the line we will need to, but for the foreseeable future expenses are low and I have no problem footing the bill. The Silver Scream is not a money-making site or a business. It is just, hopefully, a nice place to be.

As many of you probably know, should you wish to know which reviews have full movies just click on the "reviews with movie" line in the "reviews by tags" section in the right-hand column and a list will be generated for you to view.

For those who wish to access Joe’s Corner without having to go through The Silver Scream all you need to do is type in your web browser and you will be sent directly to that site. Joe’s Corner too will be updated with new reviews, as soon as Joe can write them.

We appreciate your patience in letting us work through our growing pains. We want the site to be fun for you as well as for us.