Angel Grace (J.J. North) is a model for Plaything Magazine. The owner of the magazine is Bob Gordon (John Henry Richardson). She is in competition with two other women to be the Centerfold of the Year, Inga (Raelyn Saalman) and Betty (Tammy Parks). The photographer for the magazine is Mark (Tim Abell). Mark and his assistant Wilson (Ted Monte) are photographing the girls for the final competition.

Betty is a bitch and makes some nasty comments about Angel’s appearance. Angel is a little self conscious about her looks so she goes to see her specialist, Dr. Lindstrom (John Lazar). Angel had been part of a special treatment program to enhance her looks. Now she feels that she needs more treatment. Dr. Lindstrom is concerned that it is too soon to begin any more treatments. Angel manages to talk him into giving her more doses of the treatment. Lindstrom is adamant that Angel follow the treatment program to the letter. To do otherwise could jeopardize her health and could even be fatal. His instructions are to take one dose a day for thirty days, no more, no less. Angel, now happy, goes on her way.

The girls are invited to Gordon’s mansion for a special photo shoot before the centerfold is chosen. The night before the shoot Angel drinks too much champagne. When she awakens the next day she looks hung over so she takes several doses of the treatment. The effect of the overdose makes her sixty feet tall.

Gordon decides to exploit Angel. Wilson, who is in love with Angel, tries to tell her what Gordon and Mark are up to, but she doesn’t believe him. Angel wanders around the countryside that night mulling over what Wilson told her. Several people, including a few drunks, see the giant wandering around. The next day Angel confronts Gordon and Mark.

In the meantime, Betty finds out the Gordon is going to make Angel the centerfold. Believing that Angel did this on purpose Betty is determined to find out what made Angel so big. Betty finds the treatment vials in Angel’s room and takes several doses. Betty shows up on the beach also sixty feet tall. A catfight ensues that ends up in downtown Los Angeles.

“Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold” was released in 1995 and was directed by Fred Olen Ray. Roger Corman was an uncredited executive producer on the film. It is supposed to be an action/adventure/comedy movie. It is your basic exploitation film. There are boobs all over the place. Regular and supersized. The girls are in thong bikinis pretty much most of the movie. And they are topless most of the time.

It’s corny and dumb but harmless. It is a guy flick, lots of T&A, bad jokes and a catfight. There’s also a subplot concerning a couple giant experimental rats, one of them loose in the doctor’s offices and an exterminator (Peter Spellos).

Forest J. Ackerman has a cameo as Dracula. Beside him there are a bunch of minor stars that make an appearance in the film, notably Tommy Kirk, Michelle Bauer, Russ Tamblyn, Stanley Livingston and Ross Hagen. Don’t worry if none of those names sound familiar. They aren’t why you are watching it anyway.