Nukes and dinosaurs. Just perfect.

Roger Corman’s second dinosaur movie is a sequel called Carnosaur 2. The plot to this one is Meh. A bunch of technicians and scientists go into a nuclear waste facility under Yucca Mountain to investigate a communications problem and a possible meltdown. What they find is a bunch of dinosaur eggs and a comatose kid. Seems this was once the facility where a geneticist was trying to recreate dinosaurs and kill off humans. Then they run into the dinosaurs. After much mayhem and killing they need to find a way to stop the dinosaurs and get away before the place blows up. We also have obligatory helicopter take down. This time by a dinosaur.

"Carnosaur 2" was released in 1995 and was directed by Louis Morneau. It is an American science fiction horror film. The movie went directly to video.

Again the same rubber dinosaurs. I’m sure they just dusted them off and propped them up. As a matter of fact, the 16-foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex robot from the first film was reused for this sequel. In the original movie, the robot had frequently broken down and performed so poorly that its use was limited to only a few shots. Despite budget constraints, Magical Media Industries did manage to improve the robot T-Rex so that it could be used more extensively for the battle scene in which the dinosaur fights the forklift. However, the robot was still ill-suited to stunt work (such as the shots of the creature ramming the forklift), so miniatures and hand puppets were again used frequently, as in the first film.

Again gore and horror and much blood. To me this one is not as good as Carnosaur 1 but it still has dinosaurs. It’s your basic low budget “B” movie camp fest and I enjoyed it. I know its crap. Please don’t try to analyze it. Just ignore the lame and enjoy the mayhem and everything will be fine.