This is your average Roger Corman SYFY special. Genetic Engineers, complete with sociopath head lady doctor Paula Kennedy (Joanna Pacula), recreate or actually create a Crocodile/Dinosaur hybred. Monster escapes. Monster eats everybody in sight. Dr. Campbell (Bruce Weitz), the genetics expert responsible for creating said monster, begins searching for the animal by basically following its trail of destruction.

Meanwhile, lady dog catcher and sheriff’s daughter Diane Harper (Jane Longnecker) and old love interest artist Tom Banning (Matt Borlenghi) get reacquainted. They get involved trying to kill the monster while looking for Tom's kid brother Michael's (Jake Thomas) lost dog.

Back at the genetics lab Kennedy hires Aussie Crocodile hunter/herpetologist Dick Snyder (Costas Mandylor) to catch the rampaging monster. Not wanting anyone to know that there is an escaped dinosaur running loose Kennedy refuses to notify local authorities. When sheriff Harper (Charles Napier) finally finds out what is going on, mayhem has already been ensued.

Special effects are average for this type of “B” movie. The Dinocroc had a fair amount of screen time. Acting, dialogue, plot all average as well. It’s not Roger’s best work but it’s definitely not his worst either. It’s fine for a popcorn movie. Plenty of monster, blood, and body parts. There is one very disturbing scene involving one of the main characters. I’m not sure why that particular death, or the way it was done, was necessary to the story other than to add shock value. It may ruin the movie for some viewers so beware. Other than that it is your usual camp and rampaging big toothed animal preying on beach goers and poachers alike. It’s a basic fun “B” movie. For the most part it is entertaining and typical for a low budget monster flick. I’ve seen it more than once and I’ve enjoyed it each time.