Monster mash-up

As with all DNA created combo monsters they are created by uber rich biotech companies run by unscrupulous despots. This one is run by Jason Drake (David Carradine). And as with most genetically created monsters they escape and rampage and eat every breathing thing they encounter. Countering these behemoths is usually a small band of heroes. What they don’t have in power, they make up for in enthusiasm. In this one we have a Cajun type hunter who is actually called The Cajun (Rib Hills), an undercover investigator Paul Beaumont (Corey Landis) and, as the female portion of the team, a Fish & Game officer Cassidy Swanson (Amy Holt). Who happens to be the daughter of the sheriff Charlie Swanson (John Callahan).

This is a Roger Corman production for the SYFY channel and is your basic “B” movie. As with a lot of “B” movies the plot is thin, the acting so-so, the special effects OK. With these movies you are not getting haute cuisine you are getting fast food. That’s fine since “B” movie lovers usually also prefer fast food with their monster movies.

One of the drawbacks here is that most of the time the monsters run around killing and eating people separately from one another for most of the movie. The fight between them is late in the movie and is of short duration. If your movie is suppose to be one monster versus another monster the fights between them should be a little more memorable. There is also less blood and gore than in the normal monster movie fare. Although an excess amount of blood is not necessarily a requirement. It’s still a good watch if you are OK with your basic monster mash-up. I am.