In 2017, the United States was in the middle of The Second Civil War.  A faction called the Executive Directorate seized power and threw out the old democracy.  The result was that every major city in the United States ended up under martial law.  Every major city except Port Steel Harbor, a city on the coast of California.  Even there the forces of the Directorate are slowly taking over.  The resistance, a band of citizens who oppose the Directorate, is also headquartered in Port Steel Harbor.

Along the waterfront is a nightclub called Hammerhead.  The club is owned by Barb Wire (Pamela Anderson).  Barb flirts with danger from time to time.  To supplement her income, Barb will sometimes do mercenary or bounty hunter jobs on the side.  The latest was to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a prominent person.  Also, from time to time the Hammerhead is raided by local Chief of Police, Alexander Willis (Xander Berkeley). 

Colonel Victor Pryzer (Steve Railsback) and Willis come to the Hammerhead looking for Dr. Corrina “Cora D” Devonshire (Victoria Rowell).  At one time Cora was a scientist for the Directorate but is now on the run.  She possesses vital information on a new bioweapon, derived from the HIV virus, called Red Ribbon.  It is a virus that The Directorate wants to release to put an end to the war, despite the massive loss of life that would ensue.  In Cora D’s bloodstream is the antidote to the virus.  Cora wants to try to get to Canada with the intension of releasing the information and the antidote to the world.  Barb’s former lover, Axel Hood (Temuera Morrison) goes to her for help in getting Cora to Canada.  Barb has always maintained an attitude of neutrality to the Civil War until something happens that forces her to take sides.      

“Barb Wire” was released in 1996 and was directed by David Hogan.  It is an American science fiction superhero film.  The movie is based on the Dark Horse comic character Barb Wire.  Despite the movie being trashed by critics, the usual cult following has taken to it.  In 1996 the film was nominated for 6 Razzies, worst picture, actress, screenplay, original song, screen couple (Pam’s boobs), and worst new star (Pam).  It won for Worst New Star.   

There’s been a lot of talk about the movie being compared to “Casablanca” 1942.  Upon reflection, it does seem to have quite a few similarities, plot wise to the classic, except for a few bad performances, lots of explosions, hair, and tons of cleavage.  Although the film is not great, it does have a tendency to lean toward the fun side.  Pamela Anderson is not much in the way of acting and when everything she says is done in a whisper, it contrasts too much with the explosions. 

Anderson herself is a cross between a sexy Barbie and a stunt woman.  That alone makes it ripe for a cult following.  The film producers did everything they could think of to accentuate Ms. Anderson’s boobs.  Despite this, nudity is minimal.  The theme song “Welcome to Planet Boom” was by Tommy Lee.  Lee was Pam’s husband at the time.  During filming Pam suffered a miscarriage. 

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