“You’re dealing with a cross breed between a scorpion and a warrior bug.”

A military transport motorcade is stopped on a back road by rebel forces. The soldiers guarding it are killed and the truck is high jacked. The high jackers are Russian mafia. They open the truck thinking they have Uranium. Instead a big-ass scorpion kills the high jackers.

Dr. Jane Preston (Jo Bourne-Taylor) works on a secret project for the government. She genetically engineered the scorpion. Why? As a weapon. Who’d a thought? This weapon is intelligent, highly adaptable and not easy to kill. Bug spray ain’t gonna do it. It’s made up of scorpions, warrior bugs, (Yeah, that made up bug from “Starship Troopers”) cockroaches as well as titanium and a little human DNA.

A special ops group headed by Major Nick Reynolds (Jeff Fahey) is now sent in to deal with the problem. The main problem with this is no one tells the special ops group that they are looking for a gigantic scorpion. They think they are looking for your basic bad guys and Uranium.

“Scorpius Gigantus” was released in 2006 and was directed by Tommy Withrow. I’ve heard almost nothing about this movie other than it is bad. And that it was a rip off of Carnosaur 3-Primal Species. It is. It’s not surprising. Roger Corman was the executive producer for both these movies. Carnosaur 3 won a Golden Scroll Award from The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror. I suppose Roger may have been hoping for lightning to strike twice.

Being a big bug movie fan, and knowing that it was the same as Carnosaur 3, and being aware of how Roger Corman does things, I was fully prepared as to what to expect. What I expected was low budget, bad acting, minimal plot (if any), blood, guts, gore, gun fire, explosions and special effects that were not exactly special. I got what I expected. In that respect I can’t complain.

There are some differences, but certainly not really enough to say it’s a different movie. More like variations on a theme. (Roger’s specialty.) This time there are 3 creatures a female (Queen) and two males (Drones). How they deal with them in the end is also different. Basically its mindless drivel. But I’m happy with mindless drivel. I liked it.

If you are a Roger Corman fan or if you can’t get enough genetically modified giant scorpions you may want to spend some mindless time with this movie. Just don’t spend a lot of money.