It’s big, it’s mad, and it has 3 heads

A 3 headed shark attacks a bunch of teens partying on an atoll. Then is attacks an under water research facility called the “Persephone”. They are studying the Pacific garbage patch. The facility blows up. Then it attacks a party boat full of more teens in bikinis.

“3 Headed Shark Attack” was released in 2015 and was directed by Christopher Ray.

Danny Trejo, Rob Van Dam, a 3 headed shark. You can’t get much campier than that can you? Oh yes, I did laugh out loud. Lots of boob shots in the beginning so be warned about that. If you like cheezy popcorn and/or all things shark this one will be in your collection. It’s an asylum picture. And a SYFY channel picture. And a “B” movie. It hits the bad movie trifecta.

Pollution is causing freaky mutated sea life. Specimens are being studied at an island research facility. Somehow this monster is able to break into the building and take out a guy sitting on the toilet. Then it proceeds to take out the entire facility. Then it eats everyone it comes across.

It’s full of action and blood and eating of people. Everything you would expect. Of course the shark looks fake. There’s no such thing as a three headed shark. And if there was I don’t think it would go into a feeding frenzy by pollution. If you didn’t like this movie and though it was stupid then you didn’t read the title. So as a warning to those people, do not watch 4 headed shark. I liked it. But then I read the title.

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