Vampires, Mummies, Monsters, Clowns, the world is a scary place. From the time we are born to the time we are old we are constantly in peril. What was that sound? What was that shadow? Who, or worse yet what, is sneaking up behind me? Whether it’s creepy things or sinister places there is always something to fear.

Someone or something is out to get us. Creatures from a black lagoon, homicidal maniacs, mad scientists, serial killers, werewolves, the walking dead. The list is endless. Whether its Alien invasions, zombies, or runaway comets, we are always on the verge of an apocalypse. The sharks are everywhere. In the water, in the sand, in the snow, in the house, even in the air.

Outer space is vast, cold and frightening. Alien worlds full of creatures too horrible to describe. Blobs of all sizes and colors, meteors that grow and kill, Aliens of every kind. All strange and hostile. All wanting to take over the human race, the planet, my mind.

Even Mother Nature has run amok. Out of control DNA, radioactive sludge, dinosaurs, and graboids. All the creepy crawlies that make your stomach turn and your skin crawl. Spiders, bugs, ticks, slugs, bats, snakes. Whether there are thousands of them, or just one big one, they are constantly marching forward. Constantly breeding.

We can’t even take a walk in the woods without running into either Bigfoot or an in-bred backwoods sadist with an axe that wears people’s skin. And the trees. Without their leaves they are ragged arms. Are they reaching for me? When the wind makes them sway they look like they are walking. Surrounding me. Beckoning me.

It’s all not normal. It’s paranormal. It’s voodoo. It’s possessed. There’s a full moon out tonight and the landscape is full. Full of creatures that suck your blood. Creatures that eat your flesh. Creatures that absorb you, slowly. It’s all out there. Waiting. Salivating.

And the robots are watching.

So we hide at home with the drapes drawn. Huddled. Watching. Listening. Praying. But wait. We’re not even safe at home. In this old dark house with its hidden passages and secret rooms. Did you hear that? Why is the cat starring into that darkened corner? Why is he starring at me? Quickly, turn on the light!

Welcome to my world.

Welcome to… The Silver Scream.