Philip initiates his man made, stable anomaly.  When Connor tries to stop the anomaly, he ends up sucked into Sterile Future.  Matt, and then Abby, go through the anomaly to rescue him from Mutated Future Predators.  While they try to make it back to the present, the anomaly prototype in Connor’s lab reopens.  The man-made anomaly begins to cause atmospheric changes.  The destruction of the Earth is beginning.

While Philip believes that he has saved the world, he soon realizes that Helen used him and made him the tool that destroys the Earth.  Philip decides that he must stop the stable anomaly.  To do so means the destruction of “New Dawn” and anyone in the facility.  Philip stays behind to do the shutdown.

The initiation of the sable anomaly causes power failures all over.  The anomaly in Connor’s lab allows Future Predators to enter ARC.  Jess and James end up stuck at ARC with Future Predators hunting them.

Even though Philip sacrificed himself to shut down the sable anomaly, his efforts were in vain.  The anomaly has grown and amassed enough energy to remain open on its own.  The team needs to come up with a new plan.  Connor surmises that in order to close the stable anomaly, they need to find a way to destabilize it. 

Matt has either a hallucination or a portent.

Episode 6 of season 5 features Mutated Future Predator.

This is the second part of a two-part episode and the last episode of season 5 as well as the last episode of the original television series.

The Sun Cage was a metal container that could be wrapped around a small anomaly.  Once incased the anomaly could be transported to another location.  The device was named after the Sun Cage created by the ancient Egyptians.  How the device worked was never explained but it is assumed that it worked similarly to the ancient Egyptian device. 

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