After the technician is electrocuted, Quatermass (Andre Morell) appeals to Breen to stop the press conference and get everyone away from the spaceship.  Breen (Anthony Bushell), as thick headed as ever, refuses to believe that it was anything other than an accident and the Quatermass is in fantasy land.  Breen insists on going on with the press briefing. 

Before they can resume, things begin happening.  Lights start flashing inside the ship.  A wind kicks up and items begin flying around the pit.  People start to get agitated.  Everyone begins to run around in hysterics.  The crowd surges into the streets.  Even Quatermass is affected by the mental power of the long dead Martians.  The mob affect spreads throughout the city.  People begin attacking anyone who is not affected by the long ago alien intelligence.  A new Wild Hunt is beginning. 

When the country goes wild, the killing starts.  Breen is killed by the power emanating from the ship.  The capsule begins to overheat.  The energy is causing it to actually melt.  The alien plan is in full force.  Earth is being destroyed and chaos reigns.  Dr. Roney (Cec Linder) and Captain Potter (John Stratton) are two of the few people who are immune to the alien force.  Roney manages to temporarily shake Quatermass out of his stupor, but how do you stop a 5 million year old plot to invade Earth and bring about a racial cleansing?

The series has a religious undertone slinking through the film.  The event occurs on Hobs or Hobbs Lane which is an alternate name for the devil.  The alien insects have a demonic look to them.  Instead of antennae they have horns.  The vicar suspects that Sladden may be possessed.  He even brings an exorcism kit to the pit with him, just in case.  Even the method for stopping the destruction of the Martian telekinesis is the same as the devil’s enemies, Iron and water. 

The question of creation is also brought up.  In this sense, however, creation of Homo sapiens is not biblical but science driven.  There are also hints of the occult and magic.  The idea of good vs evil can be seen if one sees that religion is good and the occult and magic are bad.  One can wonder, though, if religion is just as intangible as magic.  Were the Martians gods?  Did they create man?  Were they both god and the devil?  The way Kneale weaves religion and science fiction together makes for quite an interesting series.          

The “Hobs” episode includes stock footage from the London Blitz.