Not as many heads as “3 Headed Shark Attack” but still lethal.

A 2 headed shark shows up and eats a bunch of kids that are wakeboarding. Then it attacks a boat called “The Sea King” that is full of students in bikinis who are enrolled in a course called “A semester at sea”. The course is led by Professor Franklin Babish (Charlie O’Connell) and his wife Anne (Carmen Electra).

The boat is damaged so Babish and a bunch of the kids go to a near-by atoll to look for scrap metal to repair the boat. Anne stays on the boat and sunbathes. One of the crew, Co-Captain Laura, goes into the water to try to repair the boat and gets eaten. Then the shark attacks anyone who tries to venture off the atoll.

“2 Headed Shark Attack” was released in 2012 and was directed by Christopher Ray.

Of course it’s bad. It’s a movie about a 2 headed shark staring Carmen Electra and Brooke Hogan made by Asylum pictures. Duh.

OK bad acting and bad dialogue. The two guys that didn’t speak English had the best lines. No plot unless you call A bunch of bikini clad co-eds getting stranded on an atoll and getting eaten a plot. The big shark takes them out two at a time. The directing just moved people from spot to spot so as to set up the next attack scene. Roughly 20 people were shark bait. Not a bad count. 2 people were taken out by a tidal wave. Don’t ask me where that came from. I don’t know.

I did not laugh out loud with this one. I didn’t consider it funny or campy just stupid. I was fine with that. I was busy enjoying watching all the stupid co-eds get eaten. That’s just as good as camp in my book. After all, that’s why I watch these things.

I was pleased with the shark. Both the CGI and the rubber shark were seen extensively. There were some really spectacular attacks. Through the use of cutaways and fast editing the death scenes looked pretty good for the most part. Lots of blood and body parts. If you are dying to see a movie that features a shark with two heads, this is the one for you.

Don’t forget Mom and Dad, as usually with these movies we have some nudity and bad language.

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