A spaceship carrying killer space worms decides to attack Earth and eat everyone so they can take over the world.  They fly over a mansion owned by a drug czar named Simone Ziegler (Dukey Flyswater).  Simone is on the phone putting a hit out on a girl who stole some drugs from him. Worms land on his cocaine.  He snorts some and the worms attack him.  

Ray (Bill Brady) is the hit man hired to kill the girl that stole Simone’s drugs.  He’s not happy with the assignment.  On his way to get his instructions Ray almost runs down a girl.  In the park he gets an envelope from one of Simone’s dealers (Craig A. Young).  Wanting to put an end to Simone’s hold on him, Ray follows the dealer hoping he will lead him to Simone.  The dealer gets shot.  The killer (Donnie Popgey) knocks out Ray. When he comes to, Ray decides to find out what Simone wanted him to do.  In the envelope are pictures of the person that he wanted Ray to kill.  The girl is Lisa (Lisa Everett Hillman), the same girl that Ray almost ran over.  

Lisa made a connection to sell the stolen drugs to a couple dealers (Cornell Hillman, Satya de la Manitou).  Ray finally tracks down Lisa in time to save her when the dealers try to kill her and take the drugs.  In the meantime, the worms have been attacking people and have turned Ziegler into a zombie.  When zombie Ziegler goes after Ray and Lisa, Lisa throws cocaine in his face which results in Zombie Ray disintegrating into a gooey mess.  

Ray calls his friend Dr. Lindstroem (Joachim Keller).  Dr. Lindstroem’s latest invention is an atmospheric cocaine dispenser, disguised as a giant can of raid. Ray tries to convince Lindstroem to use it to attack the worms but is interrupted when the worms transport both Lisa and Ray into their spaceship.

“Disgusting Space Worms Eat Everyone!!!” was released in 1989 and was directed by George Keller.  It is an extremely obscure home-grown SOV (shot on video) science fiction horror comedy film.  The budget was somewhere around $4,000.  Some believe it is either a sequel or remake of the 1984 German trash movie “Terror of the Disgusting Worms from Outer Space”.  I haven’t found any proof one way or the other.

The plot of the film is occasionally interrupted by news reports of the worms, little vignettes of people getting wormed, or people reciting poetry.  There are also a lot of running and driving montages.  The picture quality is bad, reused, VHS tape.  The music is 70’s cyberpunk, techno, synthesizer music, that was actually pretty good.  The sound quality though is horrible.  There are sections where you can’t hear the dialogue over either the music or the background foley sound effects.  Not that the dialogue is any good either, but you can miss some of the plot explanation, and end up having to guess what is going on. The special effects are crude but there is plenty of blood and worm chewing.  It’s a ridiculous and rather whacky movie that could be a little bit funny if it wasn’t for the quality of the production.  

Cast: Simone Ziegler-Michael Sonye AKA Dukey Flyswater, Ray-Bill Brady, Lisa-Lisa Everett Hillman, Cocaine Dealer-Craig A. Young, Customer-Michelle Dotts, Killer-Donnie Popgey, Kid-Steven Cagle, Mom-Soozin Chandler, Dad-Malignant Chas Bouffant, Tequilla-Tequilla Mockingbird, Worm Victim-Stephanie Ann Keller, Newscaster-Joe Alclaro, Gangster1-Cornell Hillman, Gangster2-Satya de la Manitou, Sorta Real-Amy Day, Poet-Ann Marie Bates, Advertiser-Donald Lacona, Dr. Lindstroem-Joachim Keller, Lab Assistant-Randa Mulliron, Computer Operator-Rodrick Mulliron.

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