A probe sent to Venus brings back alien microbes for research.  Dr. Emil Zietman (John Carradine) headed up research using the alien microbes to develop a serum to stop the aging process and actually reverse it.  Dr. Zietman dies before he can complete his work.  Others who have experimented with the microbes have used it to create monsters.  Zietman’s assistant, Evelyn Avery (Dawn Wildsmith) decides to use the serum to her own ends.

Lynn Roman (Bobbie Bresee) is a movie star who is afraid of getting old.  She hasn’t gotten any parts lately and wants to play the lead in a film called “Savage Goddess”.  Her agent, Harry (Fox Harris) sends her a different script.  Lynn is incensed that she is given a script for a smaller budget picture and for a part that is for an older woman.  The director of “Savage Goddess”, Mark Randall wants a younger woman for the part. 

Evelyn shows up at Lynn’s home and gives her a vial and syringe.  She tells Lynn that the serum will made her young again.  Lynn is leery of everything Evelyn tells her, but Evelyn disappears leaving the serum behind.   Eventually Lynn’s vanity overrides her skepticism, and she injects herself with the serum.  She is transformed into a younger version of herself.  Lynn goes to a party at the home of Max Adrian (Richard Harrison), the producer of “Savage Goddess” to plead her case.  On the way home she begs Mark for a chance to read for the part, but he tells her the part is for a younger woman with long dark hair.  He ends up insulting Lynn. 

When Lynn becomes angry the alien bacterium in her system changes her into a hideous monster.  Lynn begins to kill anyone who she believes ever wronged her.          

“Evil Spawn” was released in 1987 and was directed by Kenneth J. Hall, Ted Newsom and Fred Olen Ray.  It is a science fiction horror film.  The movie is a retelling of Roger Corman’s “The Wasp Woman” 1959 but with alien DNA instead of wasp venom.  There is a version of the film with additional footage that was called “The Alien Within” 1990.  The additional footage was directed by Ted Newsom.  The new footage included Richard Harrison and Gordon Mitchell. 

The acting is not that great, but the monster is nicely campy.  Exactly what you would expect from a low budget independent movie.  It’s not great but I did enjoy it.  It could have used more monster mayhem but what was there was decent.

John Carradine has a very small part.  His appearance was shot by Fred Olen Ray as a nonspecific scene.  This way Ray could drop it into any movie where he thought it would fit.  Nothing really specific to the movie is in the scene so its generic make-up allowed it to be filler wherever needed.  The other actor in the scene, Dawn Wildsmith, was married to Olen Ray at the time. 

Forrest Ackerman has a bit part as a pool guy.  There’s also a little nudity if you’re interested.

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