Kronik (James Black) is the captain of a Zyronian ship.  He and his crew, Morda (Christine Morrison), Benj (Tom Hoover), Professor Getting (Bill Morrison) and Doctor Forband (Scott Emerman) are planning on stopping for lunch on Earth.  The plan is to take a shuttle to the planet since they are worried that if Earthlings see a large spaceship, they will start shooting off missiles.  Something appears to go wrong with their calculations, and they end up far away on an unknown planet.  While trying to figure out what happened, they discover that the planet is home to dinosaurs.   

The stranded crew must find a way to survive on an inhospitable world.  They scrounge around looking for food.  They find what looks similar to mushrooms.  Determining that they are safe, the crew members eat them.  It turns out that they are funky mushrooms.  Everyone ends up stoned.  When they see a dinosaur, they think it is a hallucination.  The dinosaur, a T-Rex, grabs Dr. Forband and eats him.  In the morning everyone else wakes up to find Forband missing.  One by one the crew begins to get picked off by the dinosaurs.

They find a caveman named Bob (Joseph A. Daw) who they think is primitive.  Eventually they find out that he is intelligent and can talk.  He tells them that others were on the planet until they were killed by the dinosaurs.  He is the last.  The remaining castaways find out that Bob is actually a robot and that they are part of an evil experiment.    

“Galaxy of Dinosaurs” was released in 1992 and was directed by J. R. Bookwalter.  It is an American low budget SOV (shot on video) science fiction film.  The movie was shot in three and a half days and cost about $1,500.00.

Director Bookwalter shot the movie in the woods behind his father’s house in Mogadore, Ohio.  The dinosaurs in the film look fantastic.  That’s because they come from “Planet of Dinosaurs” 1977.  If you haven’t seen “Planet of Dinosaurs” this is a good way to find out what the dinosaurs in that movie looked like. 

Most of the movie is a bunch of people running around the woods, pretending to be attacked by dinosaurs and screaming.  Towards the end, however, you get bombarded with an explanation of why the aliens are there.  Although it may be a little wordy it was an interesting concept and actually added some enjoyment to the film, but you need to pay attention to catch some of the subtle clues along the way.  At the end it does a quick turn off the rails for an end of movie twist and lame joke.  What makes the movie a little deceiving is that it has some really bad acting and dialogue, so you end up concentrating on that.

For some this movie will be crap on a cracker but for others it will be cult gold.  There is no middle of the road here.

J. R. Bookwalter wrote directed and or produced a lot of crappy movies. He founded Tempe Entertainment in 1988, which lasted until 2019.   

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