Age of Dinosaurs vs Age of Reason

“Age of Dinosaurs” was released in 2013 and was directed by Joseph J. Lawson. Treat Williams plays a fire fighter named Gabe Jacobs”. He and his daughter Jade (Jillian Rose Reed) are at an event at a biotech firm. They have created a new flesh regeneration technology. What do you do with new technology? You create dinosaurs. Of course these dinosaurs escape and begin chomping and romping all over town. Gabe is in the middle of the mayhem. And so is his daughter.

I’ll take the dinosaurs every time. I once said that if the movie has dinosaurs you get points from me. This one has lots of dinosaurs so it gets lots of points. And this time for lots of reasons. Yes, it is one of my favorite newer “B” movies.

First off there is Treat Williams. I like his style of acting. It makes any role he’s in look effortless.

Second, OK- DINOSAURS! Not only are there lots of dinosaurs but they are rampaging through downtown. You may like your Jurassic Park and hold it to high esteem. That’s fine. I do too. But we are not talking Spielberg here. We are talking SyFy channel. And we’re talking The Asylum. Do not lift the bar so high that you can not enjoy a simple tale of the dangers of genetic engineering.

It seems that critics like to be overly dramatic in their criticism. Finding fault in tiny details or going on and on about dialogue, cinematography, acting, comparing the movie to the graphics on the cover of the DVD, etc., etc. And everyone’s an expert on CGI. We are talking dinosaur movie here. Don’t expect Shakespeare. Don’t expect a Jurassic Park budget. Don’t expect realistic character reactions. How do you react to a dinosaur anyway? If you cannot see these movies for what they are, (plain fun) then perhaps “B” movies are not your cup of tea.

I for one love these romps and look forward to more of them. And the dinosaurs looked fine to me. It gave me the dinosaur rush I was looking for.

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