Marc and Jay Denning (Red Mitchell and Jeffrey Lane) are brothers.  They’ve invented something that they think is going to make them rich, but they need some capital right now to market it.  For the needed cash they’ve decided to sell the family vacation home.  In honor of the event, they decide to have one last party at the lakefront home.  Coming for the weekend are Marc’s pregnant girlfriend Holly (Diane Johnson), Jay’s girlfriend Julie (Susan Lunt) and another couple, Robert (David Campbell) and Jeanne (Karen Chatfield).

After everyone has settled in, Holly decides to take a shower.  When they hear her screams the gang rushes to the bathroom to find Holly dead, her stomach split open and the fetus she had been carrying gone.  In quick succession the others are killed and mutilated.  Marc is the only one who manages to escape from the house.  While running away he runs into a zombie but manages to escape and reach the road where he is hit by a car.

When Marc wakes up, he is in the hospital.  He is visited by a police detective, Lt. Leo Ball (Charles L. Trotter).  Marc is then contacted by Reggie (Tracey Huffman).  Reggie had also survived a massacre three years previously.  Reggie teams up with Marc to research what caused both slaughter events.  The three visit a friend of Leo’s, Ben (Freeman Williams).  They find Ben dead but in his effects Marc finds a book about a demon named Yog-Kothag. 

Marc begins to realize that they are up against an ancient evil god.  He also learns that the murders are sacrifices to Yog-Kothag and that the demon plans on returning to destroy everyone.  Marc’s research finds that similar murders have happened at regular intervals when a certain quasar pulses every so many years.        

“Forever Evil” AKA “Nemesis” was released in 1987 and was directed by Roger Evans.  It is a low budget independent regional horror film with some comedic elements.

Considering the fact that it the film was made by someone who had only done one other film, it’s not all that bad.  The special effects range from decent to silly but mostly bloody.  The characters may be a little unsympathetic and the acting a little wobbly, but I still kept watching.

There is quite a bit of padding in the film that is not necessary.  The movie ended up being overly long with a few vignettes throughout adding more run time.  The story is a little scattered and cheesy and long winded but fun.  The sound editing is also tinny.  It appears as if the dialogue was done on a sound stage and dubbed in post.

The malevolent creature Yog-Kothag was created for the film.  He is an evil and sadistic god.  According to legend, he is so evil that the other gods ganged up on him and imprisoned him in a quasar.  He feeds on the slaughter of humans and awaits the time when he can be released by his minions to destroy humanity.     

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