The Universal BioTech laboratory is doing research using vipers. Dr. Vera Collins (Jessica Steen) is researching a cure for breast cancer using viper venom. There is a break-in at the lab and some vipers escape. The CEO Burton (Corbin Bernsen) contacts Dr. Collins. Part of the research involves experiments to enhance the vipers production of venom.

Meanwhile, the vipers make their way to a cozy little island in the Pacific Northwest called Eden Cove. The vipers begin to attack the residents. Since these are genetically modified vipers their venom is more powerful. The residents aren't just bitten, they die. Doctor Cal Taylor (Jonathan Scarfe) is rather new in town. He and Nicky Swift (Tara Reid) end up trying to lead the island's survivors to safety. When Homeland Security shows up, their agenda is not as altruistic.

Genetically engineered deadly horned vipers. Nothing can go wrong there. These guys have attitude and an appetite for flesh and there are a lot of them. Naturally they get loose and kill and eat everybody they can. They escape the lab and somehow end up on a small populated island.

"Vipers: maneater series" was released in 2008 and was directed by Bill Corcoran. The body count is big. There’s lots of blood, and flame throwers and an explosion or two. Of course there’s a bad guy or two who are trying to hide what is going on. You can’t let any bad publicity go out. It would affect the stock price. Meanwhile on the island the population is small and everybody knows everybody else. A lot of them fall prey to the voracious little monsters.

This is another SYFY channel “B” movie. Considering the low budget it’s decent enough. It held my interest and kept me entertained all the way to the great ending. I liked some of the characters enough to wish they hadn’t gotten killed and was happy to see others that did get what they deserved.

The CGI is not great of course, however, there were real snakes mixed in here and there and they added some realism. The plot was standard and the acting was pretty good. The dialogue was more appropriate for a soap opera instead of a horror movie but it didn’t really detract from the movie. All in all is was good for what was expected of it. A low budget Saturday matinee popcorn movie.

Also keep in mind it is rated “R”. There is some nudity and plenty of gore.

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