Caroline (Danica McKellar) is a former model who is trying to become a director.  To that end she is on a tropical island with several models conducting a photo shoot.  While directing the cameraman, someone on an ultra-light aircraft crashes on the beach, interrupting the shoot, and breaking the camera.  She believes that the operator is either a paparazzi or a peeping tom and yells at him.  Caroline proceeds to make a pest of herself by insisting that he reimburse her for the camera.

The interloper is Captain Steve O’Bannon (D.B. Sweeney).  O’Bannon is the leader of a special ops mission on the island that believes the island is being inhabited by aliens from outer space.  The members of his team are Romeo Romero (Zac Heileson), Mental Blanakoff (Wayne Pygram) Al Walters (Chris Cleveland) and Jillian Grange (Kelly Rice).

In Hawaii, Dr. Taggert (Francesca Buller) tries to convince the Army that aliens have inhabited Earth for at least thirty years.  Taggert and the team on the tropical island believe that the aliens are trying to change the climate of the planet to make it more conducive to them and insects, which is their main food source.  The bugs on the island have grown larger than anywhere else, and the heat index on the island is rising.  O’Bannon thinks that the aliens may be trying to change the climate of the entire planet on purpose, so they can take over the Earth. 

Eventually, the government believes that there really are aliens warming up the planet.  Reinforcements are sent to the island to deal with the situation.  The aliens have a few tricks up their metaphorical sleeves and the special ops team begins to get slaughtered left and right.

“Heatstroke” was released in 2008 and was directed by Andrew Prowse.  It is a low budget American science fiction horror film created by the Syfy channel. 

The creatures are mostly gray with green and red mottling.  Their physical appearance is actually kinda cool.  The CGI that created the alien, not so much.  Many believe they are alien dinosaurs, but they look more like giant bipedal insects than dinosaurs.  The image of them is decent, but their movements are stiff and stilted, and they don’t blend in very well with the background.  Their interaction with the characters in the film is unrealistic.  It gives them an appearance of being out of perspective with the rest of the action in the film.  Like someone took a cutout and pasted it into the film.  The movie also has some rather ambitious canned music.

As far as Syfy channel films are concerned, it’s pretty average.  Just about everything in the film was average except for the not so believable aliens.  The Syfy channel, or whoever they contract to make these films, are masters at creating the average.  That’s fine.  It’s still a fun and action filled movie with guns, aliens and some bikini clad victims.  So, whatever you think about Syfy channel movies, well, this will be like that. 

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