I’m here for the snakes

The blood orchid, the pharmaceutical equivalent to the fountain of youth. Of course the greedy pharm company wants it. They send an expedition into Borneo to find it. There is a lot of trekking through the jungle but also a lot of perils for the team to overcome. It was also punctuated by quite a bit of action.

It’s a mixed bag of good people and bad people. The only constant is everybody is snarky and at first you don’t really care who lives and who gets eaten. Of course there are some you hate more than others. All in all I liked the monkey better.

This is the second anaconda movie and is a stand alone movie. The only thing the same between this movie and “Anaconda” is the big bad snake. The snake special effects were a little better in this movie than the first one. I guess practice makes better. One complaint is that some of the action happens in the jungle at night and at one point I’m not sure if they’re in a cave or what it is. Even though it was dark the ending was quite intense.

Someone pointed out that anacondas are native to South America and Borneo is an island in Asia. True indeed on all counts. There are no anacondas in Borneo. It doesn’t really matter to me since I am here for the snakes no matter what kind they are. (Quite often in the Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies the animals shown in stock footage either do not live in Africa or are planes animals that do not live in the jungle. I still like the old Tarzan movies anyway.)

I thought the movie was pretty good for the most part. And of course I got my monster fix.

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