There are a finite amount of scenarios that can be used to make a horror story scary. Unfortunately a lot of these are used to the point where movies can become either predictable or just annoying. The over use of these scenarios have resulted in horror movie clichés. Not all horror movies are guilty of these clichés but they are common enough that you’ll be able to recognize a lot of them when you see them.

#1 The Running On A Road While Being Chased By A Car Cliché
Unless you can run at least 65 miles and hour (the speed limit), get off the road.

#2 The Women Can't Run Without Falling Down Cliché
Not only do they fall down, they run like gooney birds trying to take flight.

#3 The Car Never Starts Cliché
If they do, it always takes at least three or four tries. Plus you need to hit the steering wheel at least twice.

#4 The Splitting Up Cliché
If you split up. You’re the one that’s gonna get killed.

#5 The Inconsistent Strength Of A Killer Cliché
Bad guys can kill anything. Except the hero. Then the killer turns into a bag of wet socks.

#6 The Adults Are Useless or Parents don’t understand Cliché
Your parents don’t believe you. They think you’re on drugs or psycho or both.

#7 The Betrayed By One Little Sound Cliché
No matter where you hide. Your cell phone will play the stupidest song you can think of just as the bad guy is stalking you.

#8 The Speed Walking Killer Cliché
I don’t care if the bad guy is paralyzed and crawling on the ground. They can still move faster than the marathon sprinter they are after.

#9 The Mirror Scare Cliché
Monsters hide in mirrors. It’s where they live.

#10 The Bad Cell Phone Reception Cliché
Cell phones never work in horror movies.

#11 The Dark Basement Cliché
For heavens sake stay out of the basement.

#12 The Ignoring The Elder's Warning Cliché
Old people usually don’t just walk around warning people of danger for no good reason.

#13 The Final Girl Cliché
The weakest sweetest girl will turn into Rambo when all hell breaks loose.

#14 The Killer Is Invincible Cliché
Killers don’t die, they are immortal. Otherwise there would be no sequels. Everyone else may die but the killer will recover and keep on killing.

#15 The Everyone Is An Idiot Cliché
That’s why they’re in a horror movie.

#16 The Expert Shooter Cliché
Once the guns appear in a horror movie, despite never firing a gun before, every character becomes an expert shooter.

#17 The Running To Hide Upstairs Cliché
Only Zombies can’t climb stairs. Killers have no problem.

#18 The Black Guy Always Dies Cliché
Sorry. I didn’t make the rules. (Unless he’s the main protagonist.)

#19 The Jump Scares Cliché
In every possible scary moment, there will be something un-scary that scares you.

#20 The Dropping The Keys Cliché
Not only do they drop their keys, they can’t find the keyhole for the door handle or the keyhole for the ignition.

#21 The Same Old Creepy Locations Cliché
Stay out of all the creepy places. The abandoned house, the orphanage, the mental institutions, and the cave.

#22 The Murder In The Bathroom Cliché
Take a shower at your own risk.

#23 The Stereotyped Characters Cliché
See other list.

#24 The Police Always Arrive Too Late Cliché
The police only get there after everyone is dead.

#25 The Sex Will Get You Killed Cliché
Sex kills.

#26 The Based On Actual Events or True Story Cliché
Even if there ever was a true story, the screenplay will have been rewritten at least twice.

#27 The Scribbling On The Walls Cliché
If only crazy people write on walls then your 6 year old drawing that stick figure in crayon needs to be tested. I mean right now.

#28 The Cat Scare Cliché
Cats are either from outer space or are the devil so when you see a cat in a movie, he’s up to something.

#29 The Rising Tension When Nothing Is Happening Cliché
If there is spooky music playing, there better be someone just about to die. If it turns out to be just your cat, I told you he’s up to something.

#30 The Creepy Dolls Cliché
Face it; dolls in horror movies are creepy.

#31 The Creepy Children Cliché
Face it; kids in horror movies are creepy.

#32 The Children Can See Spirits Cliché
Face it; children are creepy and so are their friends.

#33 The Investigating In The Dark Cliché
If someone goes outside into the dark, lock the door. He’s not coming back.

#34 The Warnings In A Dream Cliché
If you have a premonition in a dream, no one will believe you.

#35 The Indian Burial Ground Cliché
If a white person builds his house on a Native American burial ground. You deserve what you get.

#36 The Screaming For Help In A Secluded Area Cliché
Save your strength. Meditate. Try to think of all those soft body parts that can be punched or kicked. Also screaming while running only tells the killer where you are.

#37 The Creepy Hitchhikers Cliché
Never pick up a hitchhiker.

#38 The No Guns Cliché
No victim in a horror movie is ever packing heat.

#39 The Paranormal Expert Cliché
If you think your house is haunted, it is. Forget the paranormal expert. Move.

#40 The Killer with An Axe Cliché
Killers like axes. They go smash. Things go smoosh.

#41 The Recovered Footage Cliché
After the first one, everybody just got nauseous. Don’t do it.

#42 The Killing A Loved One Before They Turn Cliché
If a loved one gets bitten by a zombie. Shoot them in the head.

#43 The Death Of A Pet Cliché
Pets matter more than people.

#44 The Protagonist Is Ghost Cliché
Dead people like to haunt their own houses.

#45 The Travel In Packs Cliché
In order for the killer to do his job right he must have a variety of victims. Either friends or tourists and as many stereotypes as possible. Killers love a buffet.

#46 The Providence Cliché
If the killer miraculously dies, it’s not god saving you, it’s just a stupid killer. Or germs.

#47 The MacGyver Cliché
When push comes to shove she’s the one who can make a death trap from nothing but a clothes hanger and a really big roll of packing tape.

#48 The Special Moment Cliché
There’s nothing like a horror movie to find that one special person. Even if it’s someone you couldn’t stand five minutes ago.

#49 The Hidden Superpower Cliché
Similar to the final girl cliché our hero goes from insecure mess to Hercules in the length of a movie.

#50 The Bombs Can’t Kill The Hero/Main Character Cliché
Any time a film involves a bomb, we have one of two things happen:
A.) Bombs never explode until the hero is at a safe distance away.
B.) Anybody can disarm a bomb with one second left on the timer.

#51 The Where Are You Guys Cliché
Your friends aren’t answering because they are dead. Shut up. Get out.

#52 The We Must Capture Or Communicate With It Cliché
This is especially for scientists. No matter how many of his friends or people around him he has seen the mutant/monster brutally murder, he will still insist on either capturing it alive or trying to communicate with it.

#53 The Let’s Blow Him Up Cliché
The only way to kill a monster is fire, electricity and good old C-4.

#54 The No That Wasn’t The Wind Cliché
If you’re making out and you hear a sound. It’s heavy breathing from the bad guy.

#55. The Don’t Ask For Directions Cliché
Stay away from the creepy gas station and the creepy house.

#56 The Crazy Killer Monolog Cliché
Crazy people talk to themselves. Bad guys that talk to themselves are even crazier.

#57 The Listen To The Crazy Guy Cliché
If the crazy guy who has lived there all his life tells you not to go there. Then don’t go there.

#58 The Don’t Be A Tough Guy Cliché
If you act like a tough guy, then you’re dead. You may be able to last a while, but you will be brutally murdered by the time the movie is over.

#59 The Double Twist at the end of the movie Cliché
Please refrain from throwing anything at the screen.

#60. The Dead Battery Cliché
Flashlights don’t work in horror movies. .

#61 The He’s Gonna Change Cliché
No he won’t. THEY DON’T CHANGE. Get out.

#62 The See No Evil, Hear No Evil Cliché
If you hear weird noises in your attic, your cellar, or your shed someone is living there.

#63 The Let’s Kill It Cliché
If you have a chance to get out then do so. Even if the bad guy killed your whole family and your dog, you are not a superstar. Do not try to avenge their deaths. Let the cops handle it.

#64 The Mommy Issues Cliché
All bad guys have mommy issues.

#65 The I Got This Cliché
There is usually an expert in the group who explains what or who is killing everybody. That is their basic function in the movie. The answer man.

#66 The Shoulder Grab Cliché
Don’t do this. You just might get shot.

#67 The Dream/Daydream Cliché
Sometimes one of the main characters will be having a bad dream and wake up suddenly. It’s always something really dramatic, and not necessary to the plot of the movie.

#68 The Freeze Cliché
There’s a bad guy coming at you. Do something. Run, kick, punch, but don’t just stand there.

#69 The Slow-motion Kill Cliché
If a bad guy is slowly moving toward you, or slowly raising his knife or axe. Move faster.

#70 The Anniversary Cliché
You know that horrible thing that happened twenty years ago today? It's going to happen again. To you. Get out of town now.

#71 The Seen It All Cliché
We all know there’s nothing new in the horror movie area.