The horror movie genre will quickly set up characters’ personalities at the beginning of a movie. No character development is done for these people since they aren’t going to last long enough for the audience to get to know them. They are basically throw away characters. These are what are called victim types. They are purely there to die. If there’s only one survivor by the end, then these are the characters least likely to make it. These characters don’t ALWAYS have to die, but they often victims in one way or another.

#1: The Non-Believers
If you don’t believe there is a bad guy or monster, you won’t see him or it coming.

#2: The Redneck
Sometimes he’s in partner with the bad guy and just outlives his usefulness. When he isn’t sometimes, despite having an arsenal, he is too stubborn to work with everyone else and ends up by himself going out in a blaze of glory protecting his truck.

#3: The Obese One
Not nice I know but unfortunately they can’t run as fast as everyone else.

#4: The Love Interest / The Best Friend
This is the one who will sacrifice themselves for the protagonist. They take a stand so the hero can either recover enough to get back in the fight, or as inspiration to come back when all is lost.

#5: The Stoner
You can’t survive if you have no idea what’s going on around you.

#6: The Authority Figure
Partly non-believer, partly by the rules guy. The hero is in jail while the bad guy goes about his mayhem undisturbed. Sometimes he just loves the power and uses it because he doesn’t like the hero.

#7: The Jock / The Jerk
This guy is usually either the tenuous love interest of one of the main characters or hangs out with the nerd to make himself or even herself look better.

#8: The Promiscuous Girl
What’s a horror movie without a sexy girl, with her top off, getting slashed. After all a horror movie must maintain it’s morals.

#9: The Black Guy (Who Always Dies First)
This is slowly changing but in many horror stories the token black was always, if not the first, then one of the first to die.

#10: The Final Girl
Usually the virgin or the girl next door. She’s managed to keep her shirt on and her pants up. A skill that gives her the fortitude to out last the bad guy.

#11: The couple having sex
Need I say more?

#12: The Blonde
Similar to the promiscuous girl the blonde represents sex even if she’s not having any. She may be loud and obnoxious. She may be bossy. She’s the one everyone wants to see dead. Again, you can kill anyone in sight, but you must maintain morality. But if you see a nipple while she’s dying that just proves your point.

#13: The old dude
His age will depend on the age of the other characters. He has either been through this horror before or something similar. He is the one the others either hear about the bad thing or go to for advise

#14: The girl that never wants to leave the house
Usually the result of some trauma this girl is hysterical and will not leave wherever she thinks she feels safe. Once alone she will either die next or the killer will come back for her after everyone else is dead.

#15: The Bitch
Although there are subtle differences between the blonde and the promiscuous, the bitch will probably have all those traits plus be the one you want to see dead. Well, and naked of course.

#16: The loner
Usually nondescript and often ignored and sometimes cynical. They sometimes end up being the only survivor. Often ends up being the disciple of the killer

#17: The Villain
The bad guy. He is almost impossible to kill. May or may not have a reason to kill you. May have superhuman strength and endurance. Rarely speaks. May have a craving for your brains, your soul, or want to wear your skin.

#18: The Wise Elder
That old timer that remembers when this nasty thing happened before. Or the old lady neighbor who tells you the lovely cottage you just bought is haunted by the spirit of an ax-wielding ghost.

#19: The Ditzy Friend Who Won’t Make it
The brainless friend who pays no attention to what is going on around her. Or the guy too busy watching someone’s cleavage to notice the guy with the knife behind her.

#20: The Convincing Red Herring
If the bad guy is actually monster it’s easy to know what you are dealing with. But with people it’s different. The bad guy could be your best friend and not any of the freaky people around you. Freaky doesn’t mean bad guy. Stay on your toes.

#21: The Die Hard Survivalist
He has a Leatherman, an arsenal, and MREs enough for 5 years and he will leave everyone behind just the save himself. He will get his due in the end.

#22: The Crowd Favorite
There’s usually one in the crowd that everyone likes for whatever reason. There’s just something endearing about them. You cheer them on. They may not be the lead but you want them to make it.

#23: The Resourceful Heroine
She will use anything at her disposal to survive, and usually does. She may be exhausted and covered in blood, sweat, mud, and or something really gooey but she made it to the end and despite everyone she ever loved being dead she stands tall.

#24: The Nerd
They may be the first to catch on that there is something wrong but sometimes that makes them the most vulnerable to whatever made that weird noise.

#25: The Goth
The Goth is too depressing to live. They either just stand there when danger approaches or they walk toward it. They’re also the one that summons the devil.

#26: The Loud Mouth
Sometimes an outsider. A know-it-all that criticizes everyone else for their fears. He down plays the situation oblivious to the truth.

#27: The Brain
Another guy who's associated with Death by Genre Savviness who's usually The Smart Guy;

#28: The Doofus
A third guy who is Too Dumb to Live (or suffers from Death by Mocking)

#29: The Virgin
Usually the final girl unless a virginal sacrifice is needed.

#30: The Chatterbox
You can’t hear the bad guy coming if you’re talking.

#31: The Suit
The uptight, the wheeler dealer. Sometimes the lawyer. Sometimes the politician. Usually a braggart.

#32: The comic relief or comedian
Sometimes he’s over the top. Tries to scare the others and thinks it’s funny. Will go into the scary place to jump out at someone and ends up dead.

#33: The Perv
He leers at everyone, male or female. He’s just plain creepy.

#34: The nosey one
This is the guy that despite the creepy noise or the funny smell or the dark place he’s gotta know what made the creepy noise, the funny smell, and what is in the dark place.

#35: The first person on screen
Somebody’s got to get things going.

#36: The professional douche
The one you want to see dead. For whatever reason. He has no redeeming qualities and represents the worst qualities in a human being. The dick.

#37: The guy who just wants to help
He could be an authority figure, EMT, Fireman, or just your average good guy that may actually have some skills and could help. His chances of survival are lowered the more he is able to help.

#38: The racist, sexist, homophobe
For some reason, the less morals, values and ethics you have the quicker you die.