Viewing order guide to Jerry Warren’s cut and pasties
1957 The Aztec Mummy (Mexican)
1957 The Curse of the Aztec Mummy (Mexican)
1957 The Robot vs the Aztec Mummy (Mexican)
1960 La Casa del Terror (Mexican)
1964 Attack of the Mayan Mummy (Warren)
1964 Face of the Screaming Werewolf (Warren)

1945 La Casa esta Vacia (Argentinean)
1946 La Dama de la Muerte (Argentinean)
1965 Curse of the Stone Hand (Warren)

1961 La Marca del Muerto (Mexican)
1965 Creature of the Walking Dead (Warren)

1955 Maos Sangrentas (Argentinean)
1962 The Violent and the Damned (Warren)

Stand alone Jerry Warren films
1956 Man Beast*
1959 The Incredible Petrified World
1959 Teenage Zombies
1962 Terror of the Bloodhunters
1965 House of the Black Death (uncredited)
1966 The Wild World of Batwoman
1981 Frankenstein Island
*Some of the mountain climbing footage is believed to have come from a Mexican film that was never completed.

I consider Jerry Warren cut and paste films as American films and not Mexican films since he took perfectly delightful campy Mexican movies and killed them.