In sunny, tropical Hawaii a dormant volcano is showing signs of coming back to life.  Professor Scott Kinney (Brad Johnson), a volcanologist, arrives on the island with his team to check things out.  The team members are Alexandra Stevens (Mary Alexandra Stiefvater), Ryan Houston (Josh Kelly) and a reporter, Carla Masters (Bianca Lawson) who attached herself to the expedition.  Scott and his team head out upriver to the volcano.

In the meantime, a super-secret research facility has been playing around with the ancient DNA of a prehistoric animal called Deinosuchus Riograndensis, an ancient form of crocodylia.  Spliced together with that of a modern alligator, the result is a vicious and ferocious killing machine.  The creature, known as Supergator, escapes from the facility and makes his home near the volcano in the waters below a waterfall.  The waterfall is not far from a resort.   

Hunting the Supergator is scientist, Kim Taft (Kelly McGillis) and a Texan alligator hunter, Jake Kilpatrick (John Colton).  Kim is from the wildlife sanctuary that created the creature.  Jake is an independent contractor brought in to capture it.  Eventually the two teams run into each other and work together to kill the creature.  Unfortunately, most of them, as well as anyone else the gator comes across, get eaten.

“Supergator” AKA “Primevil” was released in 2006 and was directed by Brian Clyde.  It is a low budget American horror film produced by Roger Corman and a Syfy channel film. 

“Supergator” is a sort of sequel to Roger’s 2004 film, “Dinocroc”.  “Dinocroc” had been produced by the Syfy channel.  When Roger approached them about doing a sequel called “Dinocroc 2”, they were not interested.  They told Roger that they were not into sequels.  Most likely because many of the sequels they did previously didn’t do well at the box office.  Roger produced the film anyway using his New Horizons Production Company and the Syfy channel calling it “Supergator”.  Supergator would appear again in Roger’s “Dinocroc Vs Supergator” in 2010. 

The creature’s sounds were provided by sound engineer Jared Neal.  Reportedly, the roar is taken from the Spinosaurus and the Velociraptors from “Jurassic Park III” 2001.

Roger Corman went all out when it comes to the kill count in the movie.  An impressive twenty-two people get chomped on by the creature.  There is very little back story here.  Most of the movie is staged scenarios for the gator to eat random people wandering around the grounds of a luxury resort.  When the movie starts the gator has already escaped and is romping around. 

Herpetophobia is the fear of reptiles. This includes all types of reptiles, but most often applies to snakes and lizards. It causes intense anxiety in anyone who has the disorder or phobia.  In this case, however, you don’t need to have a fear of reptiles to wand to stay out of its way.  I, of course, loved the stupid thing, but I never came face to face with it.

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