In 1970, intelligence from an alien planet sent a message to Earth containing computer data.  With the data Britain builds a computer and a human clone that is being controlled by the computer.  The clone, called Andromeda, is freed from being dominated by the computer when John Fleming destroys it.  Fleming (Peter Halliday) and Andre (Susan Hampshire) escape but Andre falls into a cave pool and is believed dead. 

Fleming returns to the island and finds Andromeda.  Andre has no memory of the computer or where she came from.  Fleming takes her to a hermit’s cottage on another island.  The hermit, Preen (Geoffrey Dunn), allows them to stay. 

Previously, Andromeda’s hands were injured from an electrical burn.  Fleming contacts his former coworker Professor Dawnay (Mary Morris) for an ointment to cure the wounds.  Fleming’s contact with Dawnay allows a conglomerate known as Intel to find out where Fleming and Andre are.

Intel attempts to capture Fleming and Andre.  They are thwarted but not before shooting Preen.              

“A For Andromeda” and its sequel “The Andromeda Breakthrough”, both were written by Fred Hoyle and John Elliott.  “Andromeda Breakthrough” picks up exactly where Andromeda left off except that Julie Christie was not available for the sequel, so she was replaced by Susan Hampshire.  If you do not watch the reconstructed version of "A For Andromeda", you may be confused.

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