Fleming (Peter Halliday) and Andre (Susan Hampshire) are found by the British Government and taken into custody.  Now that the machine and the code have been destroyed the British government is not all that interested in either of them.  They are put under house arrest in a small former Army housing unit.  Intel agent, Kaufman (John Hollis) is sent to kidnap them and bring them to the mid-eastern country of Azaran.

In Azaran they meet Intel representative, Miss Gamboule (Claude Farell) and Azaran’s Colonel Salim (Barry Linehan).  Fleming learns that Azaran has made an agreement with Intel.  Using the stolen code information provided by Fleming’s former associate, Dennis Bridger (Frank Windsor), Intel and Azaran acquired copies of the Andromeda code.  With the assistance of Fleming’s former friend Jan Neilson (Roy Wilson) Azaran has built their own massive computer.  Unfortunately for Azaran, it doesn’t work yet. 

Fleming then finds out that Professor Madeleine Dawnay (Mary Morris) is also working in Azaran for Intel.  Dawnay tells Fleming that she is there because Azaran is a poor country and they need help building their agricultural infrastructure.  She doesn’t seem worried about the alien computer.  Fleming, on the other hand, believes that the computer is evil and that the alien technology that created the code is only interested in world domination.  Fleming wonders if it is possible to trick it by feeding it specific programming that will convince it that they are on its side. 

Then the computer turns on.    

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