The weather worsens.  Madeleine Dawnay (Mary Morris) has Intel’s henchman Kaufman (John Hollis) acquire samples of water from various parts of the world.  She discovers that the samples are loaded with a bacterium.  The bacterium produces rapidly and absorbs the nitrogen from the water.  The lack of nitrogen is what is affecting the weather.  It is also sucking the nitrogen out of the air.  The lack of nitrogen in the air is causing breathing problems for people. 

Dawnay discovers that a formula created by the first computer in Thorness, England, that she thought was harmless, wasn’t.  Dawnay dumped the formula down the sink where it made its way to the sea water.  Now it is responsible for not only the bad weather but for the eventual annihilation of all life on Earth.  Andre is unable to help with the formula since it was created by the Thorness computer and not the current computer in Azaran and she has no memory of her previous contact with the Thorness computer. 

Madam Gamboule (Claude Farell) is now under the influence of the computer.  She enters the room where the President (Arnold Yarrow) of Azaran is signing over power to Colonel Salim (Barry Linehan).  She takes out a gun and shoots the Colonel.  She then assumes power for Intel and uses the President as a puppet ruler.  Since the Azaran computer knows nothing about the bacterium Gamboule is not interested in the weather conditions.  All she is concerned about is using the computer to the advantage of Intel, and of course herself.

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