Dawnay (Mary Morris) and Fleming (Peter Halliday) manage to smuggle out a letter to England about the bacterium to their former boss, Osborne (Noel Johnson).  Professor Nielson (Walter Gotell), the minister of science, happens to be there at the time.  He decides to go to Azaran.  He is smuggled in.  Nielson’s son was the one who built the computer in Azaran.  When he tried to get out, he was assassinated by one of Kaufman’s (John Hollis) henchmen. 

In the meantime, Fleming tries to get Andre (Susan Hampshire) to communicate with the computer to try to develop a new bacterium to counteract the one that is absorbing the nitrogen, but she is in a weakened state and is having trouble concentrating.

Dawnay talks to Madam Gamboule (Claude Farell) and tells her about the bacterium.  She tries to convince her that they need help to mass produce the counter agent once it is developed.  Gamboule only sees it as a way to gain more power.  When the enzyme is developed, she refuses to share it with the world.  Using it only for Azaran it causes an imbalance of air pressure.  Azaran is hit with hurricanes.

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