Madam Gamboule (Claude Farell) is killed in a hurricane.  Kaufman (John Hollis), who locked her out of the palace so that she was at the mercy of the hurricane, takes over.  Kaufman is willing to give the enzyme to the world but at a cost.  He orders that samples of the enzyme be taken to Britain so they can manufacture it and release it.  That would make Britain beholden to Intel.  Kaufman, aware that Professor Neilsen (Walter Gotell) is in the county, plans on using him as his emissary with Britain. 

Dawnay (Mary Morris) goes to see the President of Azaran (Arnold Yarrow).  She tells him of Kaufman’s plan.  She tells him he must circumvent Intel.  She says he must address the UN and announce that the enzyme is a gift from Azaran.  Kaufman is overtaken and the enzyme is released to the world.

With the enzyme formula completed Fleming (Peter Halliday) and Dawnay work on a formula to restore Andromeda to health.  Whether or not they can find a cure in time to save Andre’s life is now the question.

“Andromeda Breakthrough”, just like its predecessor “A For Andromeda”, is an adult science fiction drama as opposed to a children’s fantasy series.  The appeal is more for science fiction fans like those that appreciate the “Quatermass” series.  The series is bolstered by some stock footage of a hurricane and war scenes.  It was interesting but I found myself with some unanswered questions at the end that left me thinking I’d missed something along the way.

Both of the Andromeda series are an examination of Hubris in both science and military might.  They are also both low budget affairs that rely on characterization, dialogue and an intriguing plot.  Some great lines are tossed out here and there.  For example, Dawnay’s look on life is simple and clinical.  “You know what life is…a spot of soot.  Carbon, nitrogen, add various bits of dirt to taste.  Mix with water, and stir well.” 

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