Mr. Hutchinson (Bernard Cribbins) checks into Fawlty Towers and right away annoys Basil.  Sybil is on the phone talking with her friend Audrey.  While Basil is still word battling with Mr. Hutchinson, Mr. Walt (James Cossins) arrives.  Sybil, now off the phone checks in Mr. Walt.  After they are both taken to their rooms Sybil tells Basil a bit of news relayed to her.  According to Audrey there are three hotel inspectors wandering around Torquay incognito. 

Basil thinks that Mr. Hutchinson is one of the inspectors and begins fawning over him to the detriment of any other guests.  When Sybil tells him that Hutchinson isn’t one of the inspectors but is a spoon salesmen Basil takes his frustration out on the man.  He then begins to think that Mr. Walt is one of the inspectors and, having already made a mess of things, tries to accommodate Walt.

The Fawlty Tower sign in this episode is missing the L W and S. 

One of the skits in this episode features Mr. Hutchinson trying to book time on the lounge television so he can watch a documentary.  This skit was based on a real experience that Michael Palin had at the Gleneagles Hotel. 

After the other members of Monty Python left the Gleneagles Hotel, John Cleese and his wife Connie Booth stayed on to do more research on the owner of the hotel, Donald Sinclair.

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