At the recommendation of restaurant owner Andre (Andre Maranne), Basil and Sybil Fawlty hire a new chef, Kurt (Steve Plytas).  Kurt proves to be a great chef and the Fawlty’s are very happy with him.  Kurt is happy at the Towers and gets along with everyone.  He is especially fond of Manuel. 

Basil decides that they should have a gourmet night on Thursday and invite some of the upper crust to experience some fine dining at the Towers.  Basil puts an ad in the paper.  When the night arrives only four people show up for the event, Colonel and Mrs. Hall (Allan Cuthbertson and Ann Way), and Mr. and Mrs. Twitchen (Richard Caldicot and Betty Huntley-Wright).  Things immediately go downhill when Manuel and Kurt have a disagreement and Kurt gets drunk.  Without a chef Basil has to order take-out from Andre’s.  

Basil meets his match in an obnoxious kid (Tony Page) that doesn’t like the shape of his chips.

Basil has car trouble.

The sign in front of the hotel says Warty Towels.  The F is missing, and the remaining letters are an anagram. 

At the time the episode was filmed John Cleese did not know how to drive so a double was used for the driving scenes.  He didn’t learn to drive until a year after the episode was broadcast.  The episode is one of the most popular due to the scene where Basil gives his car “A good thrashing” with a tree limb. 

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