Drs. Abbott (Basil Henson and Elspet Gray) are on holiday and check into Fawlty Towers.  Basil, ever impressed by the upper crust, fawns over the couple.  The fact that they are both doctors impresses him even more.  However, when he finds out that Mr. Abbott is a psychiatrist, Basil becomes convinced that he is being analyzed.

Also at the hotel is a young playboy, Mr. Johnson (Nicky Henson).  Johnson smuggles a girl (Imogen Bickford-Smith) into his room.  Basil suspects that she is there but hasn’t actually caught her.  The proprietor is stuffy when it comes to unmarried people having sex in his hotel.  Basil launches a campaign of trying to prove that the girl is indeed in Johnson’s room.  In doing so, he manages to prove that he is an ass, in front of Dr. and Dr. Abbott.

In addition to the Abbotts and Mr. Johnson, Miss Raylene Miles (Luan Peters) also checks into the hotel.  Miss Miles is a blond Australian bombshell.   Basil’s attempts to spy on Mr. Johnson results in some awkward interactions with Miss Miles.  Sybil manages to be on hand to observe some of the awkward interactions and thinks that Basil has the hots for the well-endowed Miss Miles.    

This time the sign in front of the hotel says Watery Fowls and there is a T missing.  It is the only time that it is revealed that the paperboy is the one who is manipulating the sign.

At a little over 36 minutes long, this is the longest episode of the series.

John Lennon, Kate Bush and Martin Scorsese were all fans of the show.  Scorsese specifically mentioned that the episode “The Germans” was his favorite.  He called Basil’s impersonating Hitler as “so tasteless and hilarious”. 

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