It is dinner time at Fawlty Towers and the dining room is a madhouse.  The staff is running around, and the clients are complaining about the food and service.  Basil is complaining right back.  Sybil is hovering over Mr. Lisbon (Anthony Dawes) and annoying him with chitchat. 

Towards the end of the dinner hour a couple comes into the hotel to register, Mr. Harry Hamilton (Bruce Boa) and Mrs. Hamilton (Claire Nielson).  Mrs. Hamilton is British and Mr. Hamilton is an American.  So far, Mr. Hamilton has found nothing about England that he likes.  During check-in, Hamilton asks about having a meal.  Basil tells him the kitchen closes at nine.  Hamilton pays Basil to keep the kitchen open.  Terry (Brian Hall), the chef, wants to leave so Basil tries to bribe him with some of the money that Hamilton paid Basil.  Eventually Basil gets annoyed with Terry and sends him away stating he will take care of the food for the Hamiltons.

Dinner for the Hamiltons starts of wrong when Basil takes their drink order, and they order screwdrivers.  Basil has no idea what a screwdriver is.  Hamilton then orders a Waldorf salad which is not on the menu.  Basil has no idea what a Waldorf salad is.  Basil tries to blame all the dinner problems on the chef who is not there.  Things go downhill from there.     

In this episode the hotel sign says Flay Otters.  The sign is missing the two w’s from the words "Fawlty Towers".

Terence Conoley, who plays Mr. Johnston, also played Mr. Wareing in season 1 episode 1, “A Touch of Class”. 

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