Things are hopping at Fawlty Towers.  Besides the hotel’s permanent residents, the hotel has several people staying, including Mrs. Chase (Mavis Pugh) and her Shih Zu, Prince, Dr. Price (Geoffrey Palmer), Mr. and Mrs. White (Richard Davies and Elizabeth Benson), Mr. Ingrams (Charles McKeown) and Mr. Leeman (Derek Royle).  Mr. Leeman is not feeling all that well so when his associates drop him off at the hotel, he goes to bed leaving instructions to be served breakfast in bed the next morning. 

In the morning Mrs. Chase wants eggs for her and sausages for Prince.  Dr. Price wants sausages and Mr. Leeman wants kippers with his breakfast tray.  Mrs. Chase and Prince are in the dining room when the dog bites both Manuel and Polly.  Polly adds pepper and hot sauce to Prince’s sausages.  Basil, acting rather put out, brings Leeman his breakfast tray but doesn’t notice that he is dead.  Polly brings up the milk that Basil forgot to put on the tray and finds Mr. Leeman still dead.  Dr. Price is enlisted to check on what happened to Leeman.  Basil thinks that he was poisoned by some outdated kippers until he is assured that Leeman had been dead long before the breakfast tray was taken up.

The room that Leeman died in is reserved for a couple who is supposed to be checking in that afternoon.  To free up the room Basil enlists Manuel into helping him move Leeman to another room.  Basil tries to hide the dead body until the coroner arrives.  Basil’s plan backfires when Miss Tibbs sees the very dead Mr. Leeman and faints.  Now they are trying to hide two bodies.

Prince, the dog, gets sick and Dr. Price cooks his own sausages.     

The hotel sign in this episode says Fatty Owls.  The missing letters are w e and r. 

John Cleese once asked Andrew Leeman, a onetime graduate of The Lausanne Hotel School, what he felt the worst problem was for a hotelier. Leeman said it was guests that died.   Cleese named the corpse character in this episode "Mr. Leeman" in his honor.

It seems that whenever John Cleese had an issue with someone giving the show a bad review, he would write a character using the person’s name and put the character in a compromising situation.  When journalist Richard Ingrams gave the show a bad review Cleese created the character Richard Ingrams who was caught in his pajamas blowing up an inflatable doll. 

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