Twelve-year-old Anna Hart lives in New Jersey with her parents, Sarah (Dina Merrill) and Graham (Jack Ryland), and her older brother, Rowan (Mark Patton).  Sarah is a scientist and Graham is a musician.  Anna is a math progeny and a bit of a kleptomaniac.  She also has an attitude that affects her relationship with her father and brother.  Her mother allows for Anna’s abrupt manner because she is special.  Anna is subject to headaches whenever she sees flickering lights.  Michaela Dupont (Donna Mitchell), a musician and piano teacher, moves in across the street from the Flemington family.  Anna instantly takes a dislike to her.

Anna has a strange dream where she is on a small plane in a thunderstorm.  There is a woman there that she calls Mom, but the woman isn’t her real mother.  She tells her mother and her brother about the dream.  They ignore it.  Then Anna sees a news report about a plane that was forced to make an emergency landing.  In the report is the woman she saw in her dream.  Also in the story is a girl that looks exactly like Anna.  The girl in the news report is named Anna Smithson and she lives in Philadelphia.  Anna talks Rowan into taking her, on his motorcycle, to the Smithson house.  The woman there tells her she doesn’t have a daughter.  On the way home a plane dive bombs them trying to cause an accident.

When they get back home Anna learns from Sarah that she is part of a special project.  She is a clone of an important physicist, Anna Zimmerman who died years ago.  Anna Zimmerman was on the verge of a major discovery that would end world hunger.  The project hopes that one of Anna’s clones will continue the work.  Anna Hart begins having more dreams about Anna Zimmerman’s past and being in a concentration camp.  Anna begins to mentally rebel against the expectations of her cloning and begins to develop her own personality. 

Her doctor, Dr. Barrett (Warren Watson) tells her parents that there is something physically wrong with Anna and has her sent to a special facility.  While there Anna finds out that there are at least five other Annas in the cloning project.  Anna also learns that there are problems with the cloning project and that all the Annas need to be dealt with.    

“Anna To The Infinite Power” was released in 1983 and was directed by Robert Wiemer.  It is an American science fiction thriller and is based on the 1981 novel by Mildred Ames.  It is also a made for television film done for HBO.  The film never had a theatrical release.

The song "Reverie" was composed by Paul Baillargeon.  He also did the music score for the rest of the movie as well as playing Rowan’s music teacher.  Baillargeon also composed some of the music for “Star Trek Enterprise”, “Star Trek Voyager” and “Star Trek Deep Space Nine” television series.

I was a little disappointed in this movie.  It’s a fine movie, but I was expecting something a little different.  From the title it seemed that there would be some psychic power involved, perhaps some telekinesis or supernatural elements, but it was actually similar to a coming-of-age film, just with a clone.  Other than the dreams, and the cloning thing, Anna’s life is not much different than what any other prepubescent girl goes through. 

I was also expecting a little more from the ending than it delivered.  Like I said, it’s good, but not the kind of movie I was looking for.  I was also disappointed that the Nazi aspect of the film wasn’t explored more.  In addition, there is also a slight “Boys From Brazil” 1978 vibe to it, which is neither good nor bad, just interesting.   

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