The film “Antrum” was made in 1979 in Budapest and was submitted to several film festivals; however, it was not picked up or shown.  All the festival directors who watched the film died mysteriously.  In the 80’s the movie was screened in one Movie Theater in Budapest.  During the showing the theater burned down and all the people watching it died.  In 1993 the film was shown again in California.  During the showing the audience members rioted and a pregnant woman died.  Later it was discovered that a theater employee put LSD in the concession popcorn.  The film was labeled as cursed and it disappeared.  In 2018 the film resurfaced and was released with a documentary crew explaining the history of the film and its curse.  They then suggest that, anyone interested, should watch it at their own risk.  The movie “Antrum” begins:   

On the way home from the Vet, after euthanizing their pet dog, Maxine, Nathan (Rowan Smyth) asked his mother if Maxine went to heaven.  She replied that she didn’t because she was bad.  After that Nathan begins having nightmares.  Nathan’s older sister, Oralee (Nicole Tompkins) decides that she needs to do something to help her brother over his grief and the fear that the dog is in hell.

It is said that there is a spot in a nearby supernatural woods where Satan fell to Earth when God cast him out of Heaven.  The spot he landed is where Satan created the gates to his kingdom.  Oralee tells Nathan that if they dig in that spot, they will reach the gates of hell.  Once there they will be able to rescue Maxine’s soul.

The two kids hike into the forest and find the exact spot where the devil landed.  They create a symbol on the ground with string and perform a ritual that is a spell of protection.  They then begin to dig.  As they dig, they open a portal to the outer layers of hell.  The further down they dig the more layers are exposed and stranger and stranger things begin to happen. 

 “Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made” AKA “Antrum” was released in 2018 and was written and directed by David Amito and Michael Laicini. It is a Canadian movie.  The film is part horror movie and part mockumentary with a touch of Dante’s Inferno added for good measure.  There is an opening that explains the origins of the film and how it came to be cursed.  The beginning narration is followed by the film and then a closing narration.

There are some interesting aspects to it and some really great atmosphere but I’m not sure that it is interesting enough to hold everyone’s attention all the way through.  There are times when it is a little slow.  It has a bit of a lost footage feel to it.  Not with the constant nauseating shaking and has some subliminal pictures and messages added in.  It is not from the 70’s as the beginning implies, nor did anyone die watching it.  It’s all part of the show.  And the show is wild.  The combination of styles makes the movie something different than your normal horror show.  It is a little out there at times and sometimes it’s a little confusing but worth at least one look.

The mockumentary part of the film says that the movie was shot in Hungary and filmed in English.  In reality it was made in California.  The film premiered at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival in 2018.

The broad definition of Antrum is a hollow area surrounded by bone that is found in the lower stomach.  This symbolism is recreated in the film when the kids come across the metal statue of the demon Baphomet and the fire lit below it.  The stomach area of the statue opens and whatever or whoever is put inside it gets cooked.  This is similar to the legendary Brazen Bull.  The metal Antrum is really awesome and, outside of the implied bestiality and cannibalism, is the creepiest thing about the movie.

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