What’s the point of a man-eating snake movie without people snacks?

This is a true sequel for the Anaconda series and the first to have returning characters. The baby snake retrieved from the burned out factory in “Anaconda 3” is now being experimented on by another scientist with no ethics and much hubris. Using a hybrid of the blood orchid he has created a new serum. One that lets the snake regenerate when it is damaged. Amanda Hayes (Crystal Allen) is back and so is Murdoch (John Rhys-Davies). Other than that it’s all new tasty morsels for our giant snake. You’ve got people working at a dig site, you’ve got mercenaries etc. etc.

This is also a SYFY channel direct to video movie like the last one so the budget is reflected in everything about the movie. Bad CGI, nothing special in the dialogue area, sorta OK acting. But the action is good. I also didn’t have a problem with the plot. At least it was what I expected. There’s plenty of gore both people and snake. I actually enjoyed it more than the others. This is what a man-eating snake movie is.

By the way, I did laugh out loud at the one mercenary with the two hand grenades.

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