“There are civilians down there.” “Civilians! You mean snacks.”

I remember seeing this movie on the SYFY channel years ago. I loved it then and I love it now. The SYFY channel and Asylum pictures make crappy low budget rip off movies with bad acting, dialogue and special effects. All of that is a given. I know that. Even so, there are only so many big budget dinosaur movies out there and some of us have an addiction that needs filling and that is where these little gems come in to play.

“100 million BC” was released in 2008 and was directed by Griff Furst. The movie is about a scientist (Michael Gross) who invented a machine that was part of a government experiment called Project Rainbow, also know as the Philadelphia Experiment. The machine is basically a time machine. One of the experiments done in the 1940’s sends a team into the time of the dinosaurs.

Now 60 years later that same scientist leads a Navy Seal rescue mission back to the Cretaceous period to try to retrieve the original team. They end up transporting back but 6 years after the original team went through. Finding what is left of the original expedition they return to modern time with two exceptions. One, the original scientist must stay behind to close the worm hole. Two, something comes back through the worm hole before it is closed. Something big, angry and with lots of teeth. Really, really cool!

The dinosaurs are a combination of puppets and CGI. The puppets are a little rubbery and the CGI is a mixed bag of good and not quite believable incorporated in the live action. I don’t care. There’s a lot of action. There’s a lot of dinosaur on human carnage. The dinosaur that comes through the worm hole is big and stomps around the streets of Los Angeles in all its glory. To me the whole movie was a big fun campfest and one of my not so secret pleasures. And if you thought you would get away with no helicopter take down you are very much mistaken. Apparently dinosaurs can jump.

There's some profanity, which you would expect if you had a 50 foot dinosaur chasing you.

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